Friday, October 9, 2009

Winds of Change in the Catholic Church

It's Getting Hotter In Here

If you have an interest in things Catholic, as I do, then what has been going on in the Church that I love over the last several years, last 2 millenia for that matter, but particularly of late can be both disturbing and exciting.

For many years, Catholic Church attendance has declined, vocations to the priesthood and religious life are way off, and some see signs of demise. Not so, says I. What is actually happening is a winnowing as those who are bored or have weak faith are not coming anymore. But, as their lives spiral out of control, and as God grabs hold of them in changed circumstances, they return, mostly to the Catholic Church, but many to other forms of Christianity, where they can find nurturance. So, the people that I see in Church now, mostly want to be there. The Church is addressing the needs of young people, without abandoning the old, while focusing on its mission to bring Christ to the world. Faith and Spirit filled priests are preaching the gospel with more vigour and truth, and the sacraments, ah the sacraments, they remain as the bedrock.

So, as I have read of the mini revolt that has transpired lately over the scandalous funeral given to Senator Kennedy, an anti-life campaigner, who wrote a lengthy letter to the Pope, extolling his virtues rather than repenting of his own sinfulness, I have been mildly surprised at how the sides of the debate have shaped up.

In fact, the Kennedy noise is a microcosm of the battle being waged for the hearts and minds of the faithful. I have written before of the need to form our consciences, to arm ourselves against the evils of the world we live in. A formed conscience will not easily let us follow blindly, like sheeple, those who lie to us, even if they are our leaders.

What I am seeing is Faithful Catholics and other Faithful Christians saying that the Truth is immutable, and we don't want to be lied to any more.

It is very sad to see Fr. Tom Rosica pontificating and puffing away on the side of those who glorified the dead and still dying senator, as though he were not the odious man that he was, as far as right to life is concerned. This is the same priest who was so strong in his work efforts to bring World Youth Day to Canada a few years back, that so inspired young Catholics in their faith. I hope that they are not scandalised by his words and behaviour now. Catholic Dialogue blog reports on how his ratings have dropped among those who have written about this, and the results would be shocking to him, though not to the Faithful here.

The devil is crafty and will try to deceive even the wise among us. Therefor, we must be on our guard. I heartily support the conclusion of the article:
The winds of change are blowing. There is a growing sense that too many clergymen are lukewarm or outright dissenters. The discontent among the faithful will be a powerful instrument to help the Church return to authentic Magisterial teaching in union with the Vatican.

Please pray for Fr. Rosica and all clergy.
Amen. Pray for us all.

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