Sunday, October 25, 2009

Archbishop Currie's Closing Joke

A Newfie, Even Adopted Has To Leave Them Laughing

Archbishop Currie told this story to close his homily this morning:
Last year, at the final game of the World Series, a man noticed the empty seat beside him, and a woman on her own in the next seat. It was now about the 3rd inning, and it seemed that nobody was coming to take the seat. He asked the woman why the seat was empty.

The woman replied that it was her husband's seat, but that he had passed away.

The man asked why none of the family members or friends had taken the ticket, as they were hard to come by.

She replied that she had offered the ticket to family and to friends, but none had taken her up on the offer. She said they seemed to prefer to go to his funeral, instead.

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