Monday, October 19, 2009

A Touch of Irony

But Will Jim Corcoran Get It?

Dear Readers:

You may recall that I have published a number of posts on Jim Corcoran going after the Bishop of Peterborough, Bishop De Angelis, and the "12" from Cobourg over his being asked to step down from serving on the altar at St. Michael's Cobourg. I started here and went on after that.

Mr. Corcoran and partner are in England and Spain on vacation. All was well except this item he noted in his blog:
The only depressing event has been a rather poor review posted on Ste. Anne´s by a recent guest on TripAdvisor. If you are a true fan, please take a minute and post something positive for me. After 20 years of investing love and sweat into a business, it really hurts when someone takes their best shot at ruining your reputation. Why don´t they just call me when they aren´t happy? Oh well.
He got a bad review and read it if you must, it was a bad review, and also unusual for the spa, as far as I can tell. Surprisingly scathing, I think.

But, to paraphrase Mr. Corcoran, after Bishop De Angelis has invested so many years in his priesthood, and in nurturing and caring for people in his charge, it really hurts when someone takes their best shot at ruining his reputation. Why didn't Jim Corcoran just call when he wasn't happy? Oh Well! There's always the HRT.

You see, the person who complained against Jim's spa isn't from a protected group, so can't go to the HRT to complain and ask for $260,000 for pain and suffering, and of course a public apology. A call would have been nice, or an email first and then a call.

This is why I hate the HRCs/HRTs. They like to help victims with hurt feelings. They are in the victim mollification business, not in the healing business. Now Bishop De Angelis is in the healing business. Mr. C. you knocked on the wrong door. Try door number 2.

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