Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Climate Change - Fact, Fiction or Human Right

The Young Are Clamouring

I am not a global warming, climate change freak. We recycle, use those funny light bulbs, drive fuel efficient cars that we keep tuned, and leave our RV parked most of the time to conserve. We do other stuff too, in hopes that there will be a planet left for our grandchildren. But, I am not certain that there is any settled science about this issue either.

But, some of the rhetoric is starting to get to me.

Deborah Gyapong attended the Fill The Hill demonstration at the Parliament Buildings on the weekend. I wonder if it was more Fool on the Hill. She has this to say about it.
Deborah Gyapong: Fill the Hill demonstration on Climate Change

There she heard this pearl of wisdom.
One of the speakers said, "We don't want government to tell us to change our light bulbs. WE WANT GOVERNMENT TO CHANGE OUR LIVES."
That one was definitely a Fool on the Hill. The government has been changing our lives for ever. If it worked we would not be calling for more of it now, would we?

Now, over in Nova News today is an article titled "Wolfville student part of Canadian delegation for climate change". Thea Whitman, the grad student of the article went out on a limb with this quote:
Climate change has shown itself to be far more than an environmental issue: it’s a human rights issue. The consequences of climate change are already affecting livelihoods of people around the world, Whitman says, including Canada’s vulnerable northern communities.
So, now this unsettled science, and it is every bit that, is also a Human Right. Fortunately, she is over on the right coast, and maybe Barb Hall, who can make anything a human right will not hear it. The last thing that Barb needs is a new windmill to tilt at, because her boss, Dolton McGuff thinks that her sh?t doesn't stink. Now that's climate change for you.

I love the energy of our young people. This generation is going to cure all the ills of the world, just like we were going to, and likely with the same success we had. Too bad, they like us are being lied to.

I don't want to curb their enthusiasm, because that is an energy that should be used for good. Of course, climate change stuff like Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth" are considered gospel, even if Gore himself doesn't live it. Opinions or science that does not support the principles of Inconvenient Truth is the actual inconvenient truth.

Take for example the Wall Street Journal report here claiming factually that the earth's temperatures have been going down for 12 years, reporting on the BBC item here.

There, of course is other scientific evidence that says that there is a lot of smoke and mirrors in this whole climate change thing, that the sun and not CO2 is the big determinant of temperature. Duh, never saw that one coming. And, of course the facts that 95% of all CO2 emissions are not man made, but from nature.

I am not in the least in favour of polluting our environment. Heck, I'll wear a CO2 catcher in my
underwear if it will help, and on that topic, I have read that cow flatulence is a big contributor to CO2 in the air. And I know that their sh?t stinks. I've spent enough time on dairy farms to know that.

But, let's think before we speak, and find out the truth. I think we are being lied to.


Anonymous said...

Did you read that one protester smeared fake blood on himself just before being interviewed by CBC, and claimed he was roughed up by Parliament security?

Michael Brandon said...

In Zealotry, anything goes.

GJohns said...

I corrected it on Ms. Gyapong's blog and I will correct it again. The speaker (who is far from foolish), said "We want government to change our laws." Laws, not lives.

The planet is going to be ok. Your grandchildren and even children are the ones to be worried about. Sadly, recycling, and CFL bulbs, and an aversion to gas guzzlers is not even marginally enough to address the problem at hand.

I challenge you to find any "settled science," period. Perhaps other than laws like gravity. In the case of the climate crisis, it would appear that you need to actually review the science and also identify where the funding comes from for any of the very few dissenting pieces.

In response to comment 1: Correct - "Did you READ...?" The media will do anything to create a controversy, even make up nonsense like that. There would be no benefit to Jeh covering himself in fake blood. The protest was not about brutality, but rather the fact that the House of Commons is actively delaying any progress on adequate climate action.

Please don't patronize the young. Please don't tell us that we have set our ambitions too high. Our ambitions are simply to survive the mess that has been left to us.

To quote a great woman, "Those were our children we threw out of the House of Commons today. Those were the best, the brightest, the most dedicated, the most responsible young adults in Canada. [...] And that is heartbreaking. That is a sad statement on democracy."

How old will you be in 2050?