Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Prepare The Way Of The Lord

Daily Devotion from Living Faith

As I think I have mentioned in the past, when my wife and I go to bed, we usually read and pray the Daily Devotion that we get quarterly from Living Faith.

Last night's devotion was on the feast of St. Paul of the Cross, and began with the bible verse:
Blessed are those servants whom the master finds vigilant on his arrival. Lk 12:37
Because it stopped us in our tracks, I will put the entire devotional out for you to read.
Just as parents arriving home from a vacation do not want to find their teenager hosting a raging party, Jesus doesn't want to return to a disrespectful mess either. How will he feel is he comes back to collect his beloved people, the ones he ave his life for, only to discover that we have let our families and churches fall apart, made idols of money and worldly success, and allowed sin to pollute us? Like the parents of the teenager, I imagine he will not be amused.

The party's over. It's time to abandon our excess and be vigilant about our faith. It's time to prepare our hearts, our homes and our communities for the arrival of the master.

When Jesus gets here, I want to be ready to o. I want mt things in order, my work complete, my house clean, my relationships tidy and my children prepared to join me. I have a lot to do, no time to waste.

Lord, help me to start today.
Kristin Armstrong, who wrote this was obviously inspired. It stopped us in our tracks when we read it, and I had to read it again this morning to make sure that I had it right. I got it. I get it. I'm on it. Thank you Lord.

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