Saturday, March 21, 2020


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ

For several years I have been web master for a prophecy site for words, believed to be from the Lord, received by directees of Father Sam Johnston, a retired priest of the London Diocese.

The latest message, linked below, arrived, and opened with the following words: "Do not be afraid, I am with you to sustain you, all that is transpiring has been allowed by Me or it would not have happened.”

When my wife and I were out of town last week, the first line of the song linked below was in her head.  I didn’t recognize it, and she found it when we got back home.  For many years, the musical leader of Hillsong was Darlene Zschech, and she did this song with them.  So, here is a beautiful rendition of a beautiful song for these times.

I Desire Jesus

After I Desire Jesus was tightly stuck in my head, I remembered a very old song, from 1939, by George Beverley Shea, which became a beautiful Evangelical standard.  Here is a beautiful version by Selah, a Christian contemporary group.

I’d Rather Have Jesus

Here is another more meditative country version of I’d Rather Have Jesus, sung by Jason Crabb.

God Bless You all, and your loved ones, near and far.

Thursday, November 21, 2019


The following purportedly prophetic message arrived in my email this morning.  It is from a directee of Father Sam Johnston, a retired priest of the Diocese of London Ontario, and has been reviewed by him.

In one sense it is disturbing, as you will see when you read it.  However, it is not without abundant hope.

Discern for yourself its veracity in your life.

God Bless all who come here.

2019-11-21                            LET NOT YOUR HEARTS BE TROUBLED                             INRI

As in the days of Noah, they were going about with their usual affairs, life as they saw it was as they desired, they would not heed the warning spoken to them, to repent of their evil ways.

How much more in these days in which you are living, has evil invaded your lives, sin in the world has become more than God the Father will tolerate, He must soon intervene.

But to you who are My faithful ones and indeed for all the world, I gave My Mother to everyone at the foot of the Cross, She is your help to lead you in times of trouble, also My Divine Mercy was given especially for these times.

Many people are not paying any attention to what is happening around them, they hear of catastrophes, of diseases and famines among other hardships, yet it does not really incite them to change anything.

I am preparing a WARNING, THE ILLUMINATION OF CONSCIENCE, thus all will know without a doubt just where they are headed, to Heaven, Purgatory or to Hell, time will be held still for a short time and everyone at the same interval will know themselves as I see them.

Consecrate yourselves and your family to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, this will be the surest and most excellent way to safety and security that leads you to Me.

When you receive Me in the Eucharist, you become empowered, it is My ultimate Gift to the world, everything that is being demanded of you is made possible only through My living in you.

Satan is attempting to kill and destroy as many inhabitants of the earth as he can, in order that they do not repent and convert their lives to God.

Ultimately, My Church, the Catholic Church will be divided, soon changes will occur and the Mass as was ordained by Peter and My Apostles, will be compromised so that it will no longer resemble My Truth.

Relativism will have come to the highest ranks and the Eucharist Consecrated will no longer be valid in this Church, so compromised in its Doctrinal Truths that will be incorporated with Protestant beliefs.

My Body and Blood will still be Celebrated but in hiding, you will need to be fed and there will be faithful Priests who will be bringing the Sacraments to you, I remain within you in Spirit until you will receive Me again.

When you surrender everything to Me, and place your trust completely in Me, I will never fail you, do not be afraid, let not your hearts be troubled, for I am with you even to the end of time.

Thursday, November 7, 2019



For many years I have been the web master for a blog site for Father Sam Johnston, a nonagenarian retired priest of the Roman Catholic Episcopal Corporation for the Diocese of London Ontario.  Father Sam is a very active retired priest, acting as Spiritual Director for a few souls, including one who receives a weekly prophetic message believe to be from the Lord.  I have reproduced the latest message here, and have linked to the blog site itself, which is called Life in the Spirit.

The world as we know it seems to be passing away.  Change is coming at a dizzying clip.  

This morning in quiet prayer, I was thinking about how disobedient I have been all my life.  Even when I try not to sin, I seem to miss the mark.  But, the desire of my heart is to be His, to do His will, in good times and bad.  The first line of the  prophetic word below spoke to me, and gives me hope, as does the rest of this message.

I have seen Father Sam take a copy of these messages, and go over them word by word, ensuring that they conform with scripture, and with Church tradition.  As Director of the one receiving these messages, he wants to ensure that they are from God, and are to be shared with His people.

2019-11-07                              MY REMNANT WILL LIVE A NEW LIFE                              INRI

Though My people have been disobedient, though they have trampled My Laws and Decrees, I will spare a remnant of people that I am today preparing to live a new and prosperous life.

They will not have lying lips, nor will they defraud their neighbour, they will care for one another with My Law and My Love in their hearts.

Who are they who are being prepared by the Lord of Lords, they are the ones who today are trusting in Me to form them, even in these troubling times, they forsake pleasures and deny themselves for My sake.

They present themselves at My Altar and I feed them with My very Self, that their faith may mature and grow daily stronger, and bring others into My Kingdom by their example.

In trusting Me, they have overcome fears and lethargy that has threatened to render them all into inactivity, which would make them useless to Me in the cause for Salvation, especially in their families.

At times there may be overwhelming fears as you see the evil in the world, even as you will see that corruption will have entered into My Church.

Satan has spread his influence everywhere, the good is now seen as bad, and what is bad seen as good, new technologies have taken over and no one pays any attention to each other, only vain, useless facts and frivolous communications are seen as necessity.

Especially the youth, are vulnerable finding that they cannot live without the latest technologies, which immobilize them who find that they are indispensable in their lives, God is not thought of if at all.

I will not hold your transgressions against you, for the evil one has indeed blinded many who I am now forming, ready to inhabit the New Jerusalem.

I will reign as Lord and there will be peace and security, unity and harmony will exist and no deceitful nor violent persons shall inhabit this place.

I will call you by name, you who are trusting Me, and your task to follow Me will seem simple, as if you were just along for the ride, your obedience to Me will bring you to victory by graces supplied.

At certain times, My Holy Spirit will be made known to you, you will sense His Presence in you, it may be a time when you will be called to martyrdom, or to a great faith in an act of courage.

Live your life today as if it were your last day, I am wanting to accomplish much through your obedient life that you are giving to Me, be attentive to the times for much evil prevails, I will protect you.

Friday, December 28, 2018


2018-12-27                                                            INRI

If only you understood My Love for you, how differently you would treat others.

I want you to be sensitive to the interior cry of your fellowman, I would make you aware of his need for help, you have needs as well, and as you do My bidding, I take care of your needs.

I take care of your needs better than you are able to, because you do not see the larger picture, you are not able to surmise the consequences either way, to do or not to do.

Take time to consider My Passion, remembering My tiredness, My utter fatigue as I carried the Cross of your salvation, follow Me in gratitude, for they abused My Kindness, thus you show your love to Me when you show others love.

Because, My beloved children, sin makes you slaves, and thus My life no longer lives in you, come therefore to the Cross and confess quickly, all have broken wounded natures that need renewal.

You see, sin affects everyone that you associate with, you either bless them or are a cause for their failures, your YES to Me brings transformation to all the world.

Consecration to the Blessed Mother Mary, brings you protection and help that She is eager to bless you with, you are under Her Mantle, and Satan and his demons overlook the good you do, for you are living   outside of his radar.

Educate yourselves as you can in these matters, this wisdom will give you a greater appreciation for these gifts that are freely available to all, in the light of the quest for a greater holiness.

As God, I entrusted My humanity to the Holy Virgin Mary, should you not also stay close to the One Who will lead you most easily to Me?

Upon your deathbed, She will be there, call to Her even now, Satan is tortured with your faithfully praying the Rosary, you then are closer to Me.

Some have daily fears, consider what it is that you fear, write it and see that your mind has made it bigger than it really is, now make a list of all that you want to thank Me for, with this you are able to praise Me, I will heal and give you rest.

My servants need freedom and not imprisonment in order for Me to use them as I so desire.

The Word of God is anointed and has the power to calm you, meditate the Scriptures daily and see, I will show you much more each time you come to Me, for you are able to process only as I reveal.

I have much that I want to teach you before the coming of the anti-Christ for he is already at your door, you are processing from what was a Christian nation to an anti-Christian nation, a non-religious civilization.

Thursday, November 1, 2018


2018-11-01                                                               INRI

By My Death and Resurrection I have set you free, what is it that the enemy has stolen from you, do you still now walk without confidence as if defeated by him, when in reality, you along with Me are the  Victors.

With much effort on your part, you have believed, that all your problems were your own, that somehow you must resolve each and every one of them alone, you have been taught that God cares for you, but in your heart, you surmise that you must take care of them all yourself, that I am far from you.

My desire is for you to surrender all to Me, it may be that the timing is not right just yet, remain in prayer, trusting while you wait, thanking Me for My Love and holding on in faith until the resolve.

Have I healed something in you that you now hesitate to believe, do not doubt any longer, I do not heal and then withdraw My blessings, these thoughts are not from Me, think of who has put this doubt in your mind.

Are you now living with more fears instead of having more confidence in Me, you are to have less self- confidence in yourself, the Holy Spirit will give you the thoughts that you should have in order for you to progress in this earthly life, towards happiness and holiness.

With confidence in Me, you will not fear humiliation, for in proceeding fearlessly you will find that it was groundless to be afraid, I will be able to use you to teach others to have confidence in Me as well as being a credible witness.

Spend some time meditating on just what the enemy really has stolen from you, while in My Light I will be showing you exactly the person you were meant to be before the fall. 

But in a still greater way, I want to open your heart to the Truth, the Truth of what you really have when you possess Me within you, you have everything that you will ever need.

Possibly you have never thought of what the enemy has taken from you, you have been set free, yet some are still walking as if they had not been released from the enemy’s territory, unconsciously as if still a prisoner.

Recoup what is rightfully yours through what I suffered and gained back for you, mainly your Eternal Salvation, you are My child, not a slave of the devil and are no longer under his subjection.

I have been raised from the dead, and you are alive in Me, you are to live the Resurrected life in and through Me, go and bear witness to this.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Trials and Tribulations

My Children

In your lives are many trials and tribulations.  In the midst of them you often ask Me: "Why me, Lord?"  The trite answer would be for me to say: "Why not you?"  But My real Answer to you My Child is: "Because I love you."

It is in the trials and tribulations that you must turn to Me to endure.  I walk beside you through them all.  I weep with you.  I hurt alongside you.  I mourn your losses. I love you through each one.

You say to Me: "Lord, you could make it all go away.  You are the Lord, after all."  That is true, My Child.  But, you see only a small part of a gigantic picture.  You have no idea how your triumph in these trials brings glory and honor to Me, and sanctification to you. 

I invite you to persevere in these trials, knowing that I am always with you.  Even though you do not see Me, you can come to Me in My Sacraments, which were created to draw you closer to Me.  There you will encounter Me in the depths of your heart.

July 14, 2016

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Gird Your Loins

Jeremiah 1:17-19
17 But you, gird up your loins; arise, and say to them everything that I command you. Do not be dismayed by them, lest I dismay you before them.
18 And I, behold, I make you this day a fortified city, an iron pillar, and bronze walls, against the whole land, against the kings of Judah, its princes, its priests, and the people of the land.
19 They will fight against you; but they shall not prevail against you, for I am with you, says the LORD, to deliver you."

To gird up the loins means to draw all the loose fabric, that could get in the way when running, up into the belt, to essentially "tie up loose ends".

Jeremiah was anointed a prophet, even though he claimed he was too young and did not know how to speak.  It was true that he did not know how to speak, but the Lord touched his mouth and gave him the words to speak.

The Lord, in a moment, took away his spirit of timidity, as in 2Ti 1:7, and gave him a spirit of power, love and self control.

So it is with us.  According to our station in life, and the circumstances we encounter we are to speak truth to falsehood, integrity into deception.  We must proclaim that the emperor has no clothes, and not be afraid of the consequences.  But we, like Jeremiah must also speak under the anointing of God, not out of our own pride and self righteousness.

We are not unlike David, as a shepherd boy.  With a mere stone, he slew a giant, not by his power, but by his trust in God to make his aim true.  Our Acknowledgement of God must lead us to that trust in Him to be the Lord of our lives, and to build up in us His Power, His Love and His Self Control.

As Catholics we are encouraged to attend Mass more regularly, to pray our devotions more, to visit with the Lord in Adoration, and also we must seek out the sacrament of Reconciliation regularly, now more than ever.

Girding of the loins is not just about pant legs and extra fabric, but about all the loose ends that may prevent us from hearing and responding to the call moment by moment in our lives.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Manifestation of the Holy Spirit

Pentecost Vigil

My Children, I have called each of you to be here this evening, as I am calling others around the world to celebrate this Vigil of Pentecost.  I thank you for hearing my call and obeying it.

I am pouring out upon you a new and fresh anointing of my Holy Spirit.  This new anointing is for you, to draw you ever closer to Me, and so that you may witness to My Abundant Love to all you encounter in your daily lives.

This manifestation of My Holy Spirit is a counter to the evil that is abounding in this world. I am reclaiming my people who I have called by My Name.  So often, you have wandered in the darkness of the world as it has been succumbing to the wiles of the evil one.

But I am Your God, the Holy One of Israel, and I am pouring My Mercy out upon you, before My Justice will come.  When My Justice comes upon the earth, the people of the earth will have no choice but to choose to follow Me, or to follow the evil one. Their blindness will fall away, and they will see the Truth.

But, in My Mercy, I am anointing you and many others in this world, to provide signs of hope to your brothers and sisters both now and when that time comes.

You will perform signs and wonders in My Name, but your greatest sign from Me will be your love for each other and for all those who will be lost if they do not turn from their wickedness in the time of My Justice.

Receive what I am giving you this evening.  Open your hearts to receive from Me, and let My Power come upon you, and fill you with Love, a Love that is greater than you could ever have imagined, but a Love that is given to you to grow in you and to burst forth upon this sin sickened world.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Come to Praise and Worship

My Beloved Children

I am delighted  that you come to Me to praise Me and to worship Me.  Many of you have been coming to Me for quite some time, and others of you more recently.  But, I desire that many, many more come to Me as well, and that you lift Me up in Praise and Worship, with greater fervor and love.

These are not the old days.  These days I am pouring my Spirit out on all mankind.  These are the days prophesied, when the old will pass away and I will make all things new.

But, how can I renew My Lands if you remain stuck in the old ways? You came to Me in response to My Call to you, but now I am calling you to receive a new and fresh anointing of My Holy Spirit, My Spirit of Power and Love, which empowers you to go boldly out into the world and proclaim My Majesty, My Authority, and my Merciful Love for all of mankind.

Are you giving yourself completely to Me?  Are you prepared to set aside all that holds you back from operating in the gifts of My Holy Spirit, which I have lavished upon you?

When you Praise Me and Worship Me, those offerings to Me should rise like incense to My Throne Room always, not sometimes.  Allow Me to heal those things in you, those wounds and hurts that prevent you from abandoning yourself completely to Me.

If you will not abandon yourself to Me, many who have been called by Me, but are dependent on you to witness to that call and to draw them into Life in My Holy Spirit, will be lost.  I do not desire that one soul be lost for eternity.  I desire that all come to Me, and share eternity with Me.

Love loves you.  Enter fully into My Abiding Love, My Dear Children.

July 3, 2016 12:30 pm

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Transformation by the Holy Spirit

My children

I am in the process of transforming you by the power of My Holy Spirit.  It is My Spirit that you are responding to daily more and more, as My Work in you continues.  I am teaching you to seek Me in every moment of your daily life.

I am doing this at this moment in time because I am looking for and searching out hearts and minds who will conform to Me and be witnesses of My abounding Love to this world that has hardened itself against me, their Creator.

As the world as you all know it continues to disintegrate and law and order break down, and conditions continue to deteriorate man will turn to despair, and become desperate.

But you, My Children, are part of a large cadre throughout the world, that I have called to be heroic witnesses to My abundant Love for all mankind.

When you praise Me and worship Me, you surrender to My Love for you, and allow Me to enter you more fully.  I have created you to spend eternity with Me, and to bring as many as possible with you to heaven.  My Love is strengthening you to be able to resist the temptations of this world, and to be able to show others a pathway that leads not to instant gratification, but to eternal joy in My Presence.

Turn to Me in prayer at all times.  Give Me every moment of your day, every decision that you are presented with, every choice.  I care about you and all of My Creation.

Do not be distracted by all you see going on around you.  This must all come to pass and is all within My Plan.  I hear your prayers for your loved ones and for others you have been asked to pray for.  I hear these prayers and answer all those that come from your heart.

July 27, 2016 7:50 am