Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Remain Faithful

 Remain Faithful

November 24, 2021

Dear Children of My Immaculate Heart, the Father sends me to gather you beneath my mantle of protection. He desires all to know my son, their Savior, and to surrender their hearts completely to Him.

The Father chose me to be His Mother, and yours, and to come to you to prepare you for His Return. 

It is for this purpose that I have been seen in many places over the years, bringing messages of love and conversion to my children. I have spoken to many others as I speak to you now.

The Father desires you all to be one. Above all, you must love my Son. But, as my Son loves me, as His Mother, you too must love me and trust in the love the Father pours out through me to you.

When I carried my Jesus in my womb, I was filled with such joy, that I was almost speechless. But, only John the Baptist and his mother Elizabeth noticed.

So too, when you receive Jesus in Eucharist, you should be overjoyed to know that Jesus is in you.

What love from God that He would allow the body of Jesus to be in my womb, and in your body.

All of the Father’s angels treat me with such love and reverence, and bow towards you when Jesus is inside you.

The demons fear me and hate you for your faithfulness to my son.

Stay faithful and grow daily in your faith in my son. Remain under my protective mantle, and draw others to this safety as well.

Pray at all times. Pray for the strength you will need in these times of great trial. Pray for the shortening of this time of purging. Pray for all those who have turned their backs on Jesus.

Love one another, especially those who are hardened by sin.  Your prayers for those in grave sin, and in danger of eternal damnation, are of great importance.

Do not be distracted by what you see around you. 

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Bear Witness to Me

 Bear Witness to Me

November 17, 2021

My Beloved Ones, the Church has entered its Passion, and you have entered yours as a member of My Body.

Stand firm in all things and at all times. Do not be distracted by the voices of the world, and particularly by the voices of evil.

Be joyful, above all things. If I call you to die for your faith in Me, rejoice that your life is a witness to your love of God, and that you will be welcomed into your eternal home when your time on earth is completed.

If I call you to bear witness by remaining, suffering indignities for My Name, do so joyfully. Your Joy in trials and tribulations speaks to the hearts of those who observe it.

Stand firm at all times. Resist evil. Do not be conformed to the spirit of the world. Pray, pray, pray at all times. 

Discern from My Spirit what you are to speak. When called on to witness to My Love in you, speak boldly the words the Spirit gives you. Know that your angels are beside you to fill in any blanks.

Fear not, and do not second guess yourself. Trust that I will overcome any weakness on your part.

Pray the Rosary, because it brings great comfort to your Holy Mother. When you meditate on the mysteries of her Rosary, and on the fruits of it, you become more like her, who is totally conformed to the Divine Will.

Pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, trusting in the Mercy of My Death and Resurrection for mankind.

Receive Me in the Eucharist and My Mercy in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, as often as you are able. The current easing of restrictions is an opportunity for you to receive great sacramental graces.

You will need all the graces I am offering you for the days ahead.

My Grace is sufficient. Fear not!

Thursday, November 11, 2021


 Lest We Forget

November 11, 2021

Dear Children, today you commemorate the lives of those who fought to protect your freedom in wars and conflicts. They gave of themselves to give you the opportunity to live in this time. 

Be grateful for their sacrifice, and be even more grateful that I have called you to sacrifice in a new way for the coming of My Kingdom on earth.

Those who went to war did not count the cost, but did their duty to God and country, as they were empowered. You, I have called to be soldiers in a different, far more decisive battle against evil.

Remember their selflessness, and be likewise in these days. These are the days prophesied by recent popes, the great conflict between good and evil for the hearts and souls of mankind.

The men and women who have gone to wars and conflicts around the globe have been trained to fight in their battles. You also, are being trained to fight in this greatest of all wars.

Your weapons are not carnal, but are the weapons of the Spirit. When you were baptized into My Holy Spirit, you were clothed with armor that will not rust, and given weapons that cannot be destroyed.

Fear not, for you have weapons at your disposal that will overcome all enemies in these times of chaos. 

Your guardian Angel has been strengthened for this time, and is more than capable of being your helper. I have also provided additional angelic assistance, as it is required for what you are called to do.

You are under the protective mantle of your Blessed Mother and Mine. This is the mantle of a Mother’s Love. Reach out to her in prayer, and love her as I do. Your Rosary is a very efficacious weapon at all times.

I have provided, and will continue to provide you with brothers and sisters to be with you, to be praying with and for you in these times.

Notice how you have grown in peace, and trust in those I have placed with you.  You have heard My Call to surrender yourselves to Me, and as each of you surrenders more each day, you grow in holiness, and in your ability to love others as I do.

Do not be afraid in these times. If I have called you to a particular task or purpose, I will prepare you in all ways to be able to accomplish all that I have called you to.

Pray often: “Sacred Heart of Jesus, I trust in You.”

Wednesday, November 3, 2021


 Be Prepared

November 3, 2021

My Children, I call you to be prepared, to be ready for My Return.

Fill your hearts with Praise, Worship and Adoration of your Lord. A joy filled heart repels the coming darkness.

Darkness can never overcome the light that comes into you and through you to others that is from Me.

Do not be distracted by the events of the day, good or bad. They are but passing fancies. All will be revealed in the fullness of time, and only My Victory will shine forth.

Keeping your eyes on My Cross, love your neighbor, and bring him or her with you to the foot of My Cross. See me in all you encounter in your day.

I have poured my wisdom into you in ways that are different from what I have poured into your neighbor. That wisdom is a treasure, but is not yours to be cherished, but is a gift to be shared in love.

So many of my children are crippled by fear in this day. Show them My Love in your encounters with them. Pray My shed Blood over them at every opportunity. Entrust them into My Mercy for them.

Be My Light in the darkness.

St. Faustina’s Diary - A life of love and of mercy #1365 

October 1937


O Eternal Love, who enkindle a new life within me, a life of love and of mercy, support me with Your grace, so that I may worthily answer Your call, so that what You yourself have intended to accomplish in souls through me, might indeed be accomplished.

My God, I see the radiance of eternal dawn. My whole soul bounds toward You, O Lord; nothing any longer holds me back, nothing ties me to earth. Help me, O Lord, to bear the rest of my days with patience. The sacrifice of my love burns incessantly before Your Majesty, but so silently that only Your divine eye sees it, O God, and no other creature is capable of perceiving it. 

Monday, November 1, 2021


 Set the Captives Free

November 1, 2021

My Children, now is the time. This is the hour. All the Saints in heaven declare My Glory. They all sing My Praises night and day. I call you to endless Praise and Worship also.

Iam the Alpha and the Omega, the Holy One. There is none like Me. I will no longer be mocked, nor tolerate those who usurp My Throne, My Dominion.

Now is the time for My People to rise up, and declare My Glory.

Many of my chosen ones have allowed themselves to fall asleep, during their watch. I call all My People to awaken, put on My Armor, prepare their hearts in prayer and fasting, and get ready to go into battle for Me.

You I have called to light the pathways to the foot of My Cross. You see that many of my chosen Ones are still in darkness. Bring My Light to them. Send angels forth to unbind their guardian angels who have been bound and hindered by their unbelief. 1.

Speak My Words of Wisdom to them. Fear not, for I go with you.

In a vision, I saw the 10 bridesmaids. In the parable, those who did not bring enough oil were left out of the celebration. In the vision, Our Merciful Lord called to the ones who were not prepared one final time, to go and get oil, just before His Arrival. They were being called in the final hour. 

I saw those with lamps lit, going forth towards the Lord as He came, declaring His Glory and Majesty.

While He was still some way off, they sang and spoke of Him to all who would listen. The guardian angels of those who were hearing, had been bound by the acceptance of lies of the devil, by their charges.  But, as truth was spoken to them, other angels unbound their guardians, and together they ministered to the hearts of those who would hear.

Those who chose to hear were clothed in bright white garments and hurried to join those in Praise and Worship of God.

Prior to receiving this message and visions, I was reading the Mass readings for today, particularly Revelations 7:2-4, 9-14, and had listened to the song Ancient of Days. 2.

Reading II 1 Jn 3:1-3

See what love the Father has bestowed on us
that we may be called the children of God.
Yet so we are.
The reason the world does not know us
is that it did not know him.
Beloved, we are God’s children now;
what we shall be has not yet been revealed.
We do know that when it is revealed we shall be like him,
for we shall see him as he is.
Everyone who has this hope based on him makes himself pure,
as he is pure.

We have sat by while the world has mocked our Father in heaven.  We have conformed ourselves more to the world, than to He who created the world.  We have sat in ashes in the roadways, but are called to rise up now, to be clothed not in sack cloth, but in His Glory.

We are His Children, not children of this world, which will soon pass away.

The Lamb has washed away our sins in His Blood. 3.

Rise up, O children of God. Now is the day. Now is the appointed hour of our deliverance.

Gospel Mt 5:1-12a

When Jesus saw the crowds, he went up the mountain,
and after he had sat down, his disciples came to him. 
He began to teach them, saying:

    “Blessed are the poor in spirit,
        for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven.
    Blessed are they who mourn,
        for they will be comforted.
    Blessed are the meek,
        for they will inherit the land.
    Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
        for they will be satisfied.
    Blessed are the merciful,
        for they will be shown mercy.
    Blessed are the clean of heart,
        for they will see God.
    Blessed are the peacemakers,
        for they will be called children of God.
    Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness,
        for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven.
    Blessed are you when they insult you and persecute you
        and utter every kind of evil against you falsely because of me.
    Rejoice and be glad,
        for your reward will be great in heaven.”

This, my beloved ones is for you. These promises of Jesus were made for you, and to you. These are the characteristics and hallmarks of the saints. 

Put on the full armor of God, and go out to the world rejoicing, declaring His Majesty from the depths of your hearts.


  1. The Lord spoke of guardian angels being bound and hindered by the unbelief of the ones to whom they are guardians. I saw it in an image, but think it is a metaphor. So many reject the counsel of their guardian Angel, drowning him out with noise of the world and the evil one. We hinder them from fulfilling the mission God gave them.
  2. The song Ancient of Days first came to me back in the early 90s, and I listened to Ron Kenoly sing it and lead it as Worship.
  3. The message at the top was spoken by the Lord in the first person to me, for me to write down. Then, he took me back to the second reading and Gospel for All Saints Day, and put the observations I made into my heart, and had me write them down. In a sense, they are not His words, but mine; except they are not words and phrases I would normally use.