Friday, December 28, 2018


2018-12-27                                                            INRI

If only you understood My Love for you, how differently you would treat others.

I want you to be sensitive to the interior cry of your fellowman, I would make you aware of his need for help, you have needs as well, and as you do My bidding, I take care of your needs.

I take care of your needs better than you are able to, because you do not see the larger picture, you are not able to surmise the consequences either way, to do or not to do.

Take time to consider My Passion, remembering My tiredness, My utter fatigue as I carried the Cross of your salvation, follow Me in gratitude, for they abused My Kindness, thus you show your love to Me when you show others love.

Because, My beloved children, sin makes you slaves, and thus My life no longer lives in you, come therefore to the Cross and confess quickly, all have broken wounded natures that need renewal.

You see, sin affects everyone that you associate with, you either bless them or are a cause for their failures, your YES to Me brings transformation to all the world.

Consecration to the Blessed Mother Mary, brings you protection and help that She is eager to bless you with, you are under Her Mantle, and Satan and his demons overlook the good you do, for you are living   outside of his radar.

Educate yourselves as you can in these matters, this wisdom will give you a greater appreciation for these gifts that are freely available to all, in the light of the quest for a greater holiness.

As God, I entrusted My humanity to the Holy Virgin Mary, should you not also stay close to the One Who will lead you most easily to Me?

Upon your deathbed, She will be there, call to Her even now, Satan is tortured with your faithfully praying the Rosary, you then are closer to Me.

Some have daily fears, consider what it is that you fear, write it and see that your mind has made it bigger than it really is, now make a list of all that you want to thank Me for, with this you are able to praise Me, I will heal and give you rest.

My servants need freedom and not imprisonment in order for Me to use them as I so desire.

The Word of God is anointed and has the power to calm you, meditate the Scriptures daily and see, I will show you much more each time you come to Me, for you are able to process only as I reveal.

I have much that I want to teach you before the coming of the anti-Christ for he is already at your door, you are processing from what was a Christian nation to an anti-Christian nation, a non-religious civilization.