Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Beary Entertaining

 This is for all of us with bird feeders!
Be sure to read the warning sign at the end

 What the heck is that line made of?

Worried about squirrels getting into your bird feeder?

Only in Canada would you see a sign like this!
 Read the whole sign. Fort Steele is near Cranbrook ...

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Who Will Speak for 1.262 Billion Murdered Pre-born Babies?

Jennifer Hartline at Catholic Online
I confess.  I just don't get it.  Between 1939 and 1945 over 6 million Jews were horribly murdered, along with those who supported them in what we now know as "The Holocaust."  Up until that time, it was the single worst genocide in history.  Most people walking the face of the earth deplore it, and the destruction it wrought.

Yet, here in our day and age, we are witnessing a holocaust that dwarfs "The Holocaust", and almost nobody says a thing about it.  To date, reports that there have (at this moment anyway) been over 22,637,000 abortions throughout our world.  This ignores those spontaneious abortions caused by birth control pills.

Worldwide, since 1980 the estimated number of abortions is in excess of 1.262 billion.  That's 1,262,000,000 dead babies.

Worldometers population clock shows that the world population is now in excess of 7.055 billion.   On the assumption that the 1.2 billion aborted babies since 1980 would be walking the face of the earth today, that means that 15 out of every 100 people that would be the earth's population were murdered.  And we are concerned about the murders our kids see on tv.

What is even more deplorable is the participation of Jewish elected women in this Greatest of all Holocausts.  In the US, we had Gabriella Giffords, a Congress woman from the district we live in in Arizona in the winter, a Jew, a Democrat and abortion supporter. 

But, compounding her support of child murder is Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, who is Jewish, a Democrat Congress woman from Florida, and abortion supporter, and also the head of the Democratic National Congress.
For my money, Ms Wasserman-Schultz has stepped into it big time, not only for her support of abortion, but for her denigration of women of character and moral fibre.  She claims they are not real women if they do not stand up for a woman's right to kill her unborn child and to take medications, which are not real medications since they do not heal an illness, though they are known to cause illness big time.

But, Jennifer Hartline, an army wife, and homeschooling mother of three from Virginia is having none of it, and has spoken her mind, and it is a fine mind. 

The lunatic left would prefer to silence all those who disagree with them.  Free speech is only for those who say the right things, or at least those things that are politically correct.

Evil abounds when good people are silent.  This is what Mrs. Hartline has to say in response to Ms. Wasserman-Shultz.

I'm the wrong kind of woman. I guess I always knew it, and now it's official. According to the decree of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, if ever I were to run for public office and be elected, it would not be a victory for women because I'm not the right kind of woman. Women like me don't count at all. For anything. In fact, women like me are a detriment to the cause and must be kept out of public influence.

“I think we have to be cautious about who is, you know, just celebrating that a woman got elected to a particular office and make sure that we have women who are running and winning who are going to champion the causes of women — who are going to make the agenda that is important to women like equal pay for equal work and making sure that when it comes to fighting for middle class families and ensuring access to birth control and making sure that health care is a priority and that it’s affordable, making sure that access to education and higher education is a priority.”
“So, electing just any woman shouldn’t be the goal. Electing a woman who is going to make the issues important to women and families is really should be the focus and I don’t know if we made as much progress on that as we should.”
“It’s just so hard for me to grasp how they [Republicans] can be as anti-woman as they are,” she said, according to the Weekly Standard. “I think that the pushback and the guttural reaction from women against the Republicans’ agenda out of the gate, the war on women that the Republicans have been waging since they took over the House, I think is not only going to restore but help us exceed the president’s margin of victory in the next election.”

(At this point, I must attempt to restrain myself because believe me, I have some choice words for Ms. Schultz.)

Cut the crap, Ms. Schultz. This isn't about fighting for middle class families or higher education. It's about abortion and contraception, period. The code embedded in your little speech is about as subtle as a flashing neon sign: the only woman you want on Capitol Hill or any hill anywhere is a pro-abortion, Pill-pushing woman. The "feminist" agenda demands perfect worship at the altar of abortion. You know it and I know it. Planned Parenthood is your clubhouse.

The "progress" you seek is quite simply the reduction of women to available vaginas and sterile uteruses that welcome knives, scissors, forceps and vacuums as instruments of "freedom" when the obligatory prevention fails.

You don't speak for me, Ms. Schultz. Your agenda is repugnant to me, and your ideas of progress for women are insulting to me. There are many, many women who feel as I do, and we are deserving of representation in Congress and state governments, and we vote. We are not a hindrance to women's success or growth or rights. We think the girl in the womb is deserving of life and liberty, too. Why don't you?

Equal pay for equal work has absolutely nothing to do with propping up Planned Parenthood and forcing people to subsidize contraception for every woman in America. Guess what? I don't need your Pills or your condoms or your sterilizations. And I refuse to pay for any of that for anyone else. How ironic that while you're stomping your foot demanding "choices" for women you want to deprive me of mine by mandating that I buy someone else's birth control and pay for abortions.

Why must women's sexual choices be subsidized by everyone else? How does that promote women's independence? What happened to freedom? Didn't anyone ever tell you that freedom isn't free?

You and your boss may gladly pay homage to Baby-Killers-R-Us, Inc., but I will not. I recognize that abortion does not empower women; it enslaves them. Abortion is not freedom; it is violence. I look objectively and see that the abortion culture teaches young girls that sex is power and they are primarily "sexual beings"; it teaches them to let themselves be used and discarded by men, and to see their own child as the enemy of their lives. It makes it easy for men to use, abuse, and violate women, and get rid of the "evidence" of their abuse. It leaves women shouldering the entire burden of childbearing alone. It allows the scumbags to walk away, and it forces the good guys to stand powerless while their children are slaughtered.

Yeah, abortion has really done wonders for society. Men and women get along so much better now.

Who are you to say that women's issues and women's concerns can only be served by those who champion your boss's commitment to abortion and contraception? I have news for you: families don't flourish in an environment dominated by abortion and contraception. When human life has no value, families have no value. When the smallest and most vulnerable member of the family is extinguishable, the family crumbles.

Women do not rise to the heights of respect and achievement by literally sacrificing their own babies. Men do not come to cherish and appreciate women they can use for sex with no concern for the children they might help create. Men and women do not respect and honor each other when both are more interested in getting the pleasure they want without any obligation, self-sacrifice, or consequence. (Who's got the real anti-woman agenda here?)

Affordable, available health care for all has nothing to do with contraception, sterilization, or abortion. That unholy trinity is not the grand summa of "women's causes." Frankly, women and families will be much better served by elected women who do not view fertility as a disease or pregnancy as a problem. Women and families will be protected by elected officials and public policies that don't encourage promiscuity as a lifestyle and abortion as a solution.

The cause of women's worth and dignity will never, ever be served by the abortion industry or by drugs that treat a woman's body like a defective machine.

You and your boss have made your allegiance plain, and it's not to women or families, or to freedom. You peddle animosity and fear alongside the Pills and abortions. You will gladly violate the rights of anyone who refuses to be ruled by mandates and edicts.

Let's hear it for equal pay for equal work. Let's have affordable, available health care for everyone. Let's have an education system that actually educates, and let's make college more affordable if we can. Absolutely! Let's remember that the family is the first society, and the first government, and that children need and deserve a mother AND a father who are married to each other! Let's honor the vocation of motherhood. Let's try doing what we should, rather than what we want and what's convenient. Most of all, we must annihilate the idea that it is morally acceptable to kill the child in the womb. We need to acknowledge the humanity of our own babies from the moment of conception and protect them from targeted killing. We need to get honest and stop calling it "reproductive choice". We're killing our kids.

Show me the woman who champions those causes, Ms. Schultz. She's exactly the kind of woman we need on Capitol Hill. Give me a hundred women just like her, and then we'll have real progress.

Congress needs women like Mrs. Hartline far more than it needs women like Ms. Wasserman-Schultz.  Women are the heart of our homes, and the heart of our countries.  But, many have given up their heartedness to pursue earthly power, money and prestige.

The defeminisation of our North American society must end, or I fear that our society will fall.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Whither the Never Born

I have been aware that aborted children are freed of the bonds of this earth, and enter into the eternal presence of Christ. They live in the presence of Love for all eternity. Though we too are in God's presence here on earth, we see dimly, and often not at all.

So, how does an aborted child look upon her mother here on earth, who rejected her in a most brutal and selfish way? With love, compassion and forgiveness.

See how one artist in Europe has depicted it here.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Upon This Rock I Will Build My Church - not Churches

The Body of Christ is fractured.  This cannot be, so what are we to do about it?

The Protestant Reformation proved very little, if anything.  I do not want to get into a theological discussion of it, the whys and wherefors, and the justifications.  They are fruitless.  The fact is that the Body of Christ is fractured.  Period.

The Catholic Church is the foundation that Christ made on Peter.  Pundits will claim that calling it the Catholic Church came later, and that seems to matter for some reason that eludes me, other than to justify one's own sin.  The reality is that those who followed Christ were called Catholic before they were called Christian.  Look it up.

The fracture that was and is the Reformation, has itself fractured so often on the theory of sola scriptura, that regardless of how Catholic apologists like Dave Armstrong, who has written tons on that topic and blogs over here about it and other Christian conflicts, prove it to be a false doctrine, the very continuing schism of Protestant Church after Protestant Church, with new ones popping up regularly, is itself sufficient proof that there must be more than sola scriptura for Christians to hang their hat on.

But, I read an interesting article by Ann Barnhardt this morning, over at Sancte Pater that gave me more food for thought on the sad state that is fractured Christianity today.  Her article was mainly about the schism that exists between the Society of St Pius the Tenth and the Catholic Church resulting from issues with Vatican II.

But, even more so, it was about the schisms that have occurred since the Church began over many issues, big and small, and she points to the problems within the Catholic Church itself that precipitated this particular schism, but form at least a sighnificant part of all schisms.  That comes as no surprise to me, since we know that all of us here on the earth are sinners.

But, what I appreciated most in her article was this analogy about a married couple and what schism says about the marriage:

Let's say your wife was diagnosed with cancer. Would you suddenly hate your wife? Would you argue that you didn't marry a body riddled with cancer, and therefore she was no longer the person you married, and then leave her in a smug huff?

Would you hate your wife's body, and thus hate your wife? No. You would love your wife and her body, perhaps even more than before, when you saw her under attack from the cancer. You would want to fight the cancer - chemotherapy, radiation, surgery - anything to get rid of the cancer and bring your wife back to full health and vigor.

This is exactly the situation in the Church today. The Church has cancer. Bad. Fully metastasized, all over-type cancer. It is called Marxist-homosexualism, and the cancer was first observed and diagnosed 45 years ago. Sadly, instead of clinging to the Bride of Christ and fighting the cancer, some people abandoned Her, claiming that the cancer WAS her body, instead of just an invading infection. Others left out of indifference. Others stayed and embraced the cancer as a "good thing" and "progress". A tiny, tiny contingent stayed, held Her hand, and have lovingly administered as much medicinal therapy to her as they possibly could.

What makes this analogy so fitting is the marriage component, because it fits so well into the way Christ describes our relationship to Him, and the relationship of the whole Church/Body of Christ to Him.

I have pretty first hand knowledge of this analogy.  For the past 10 years, MDW has had serious auto immune illnesses that have physically ravaged her body.  She most definitely does not look like the woman that I married.  But, honestly, the thought of leaving her because she does not fit the world concept of beauty the way she did before she was ill has never crossed my mind.  In the past decade, we have done all we can to find answers for the dis-ease that troubles her, and I cannot imagine standing by while she suffers on her own.

But, in the mean time, her faith has grown, as her personal inability to manage her own life has been impaired and she has had to lean on God for the strength that only He can give her.  Seeing her in her daily struggles, while she does her best to carry on with the things of life inspires me to grow myself.  That has drawn me deeper into my own faith in Jesus Christ.

So too, it is with these eyes that I view the Catholic Church.  I firmly believe that Jesus meant what He said to Peter about the Church He created, with Peter as its head; that it would prevail.  So I have watched painfully as reverence for the Eucharist has waned, while knowing personally that in it I receive Jesus Body and Blood.  I have watched as some priests have done dastardly things, and while people calling themselves faithful Catholics have pursued abortion as a right, among many evil things.

But, I have also watched as priests I have known over the years have grown in personal holiness, and draw those they encounter to that same holiness.  I have watched one priest, Father Gordon MacRae, of These Stone Walls blog, who has grown in personal holiness and witness to others, while spending the last 18 years in prison for crimes that were never committed.

I have watched Christians of all stripes drawn into life in the Holy Spirit, and a deeper devotion to Jesus Christ, even though we are separated from each other.

So, what are we to do to help make the Body of Christ one body?  I believe that our only option is to pray that we may be one, as Jesus and the Father are One, and to speak truth in love, not condemnation to all our brothers and sisters.  Our own personal sin is significant enough to take away any self righteousness that we might have in our positions on what is right and wrong in the Church today.

Lord, make us One.