Sunday, October 25, 2009

An Archbishop Visits Our Parish

Archbishop Currie from The Rock Comes to Speak

Archbishop Martin Currie is Bishop of the combined diocese of St. John's and Grand Falls, Newfoundland. Newfoundland holds a special place in the hearts of my wife and I as we were married near Corner Brook, on the west coast, several years ago.

Well, this Sunday after the Bishop's Conference of this past week, he came to the London Diocese and particularly to St. George Parish to speak about Catholic Missions in Canada. In particular, he told us the story of the challenges that exist to be or become Catholic on The Rock, particularly in the outlying areas around Grand Falls. For those who have been to The Rock, it is one of the most beautiful places on the earth. We have only seen the west side and some of the north coast, but long to return there. My wife had actually spent some of her infancy in Corner Brook, and we located where she had lived on our one visit together there.

He told us of the difficulties that Newfoundlanders face in their day to day lives, and the challenges that priests and religious encounter bringing the faith to the people. He himself originally hails from Nova Scotia, but he is most definitely in love with the land and the people of the east coast, and particularly his diocese.

He said something meant to be humorous that is also touching. He asked how we will know who the Newfies are in heaven. The answer: They are the ones that still want to go home. I have been aware of how many of the sons and daughters of Newfoundland have had to leave to find work, and most never return. Today, we learned a bit about how hard hit the island has been.

If you want to support Catholic Missions or learn more about them you can do so at this site, Catholic Missions In Canada.

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