Saturday, October 3, 2009

Some Things Are Very Interesting in What They Say

Some Are More Interesting in What They Don't Say

The shotgun blog on Western Standard here called Steve Ashton an idiot. That's the second to last NDP leadership hopeful that is running to be premier of the Province of Manitoba, for planning on bringing in a piece of UK based hate legislation that I reported on recently here called the Dignity Act. It was posted by "Posted by Freedom Manitoba on October 1, 2009". In other words it was posted anonymously, and who can blame him or her.

Meanwhile a "Staff Writer", so another anonymous person wrote the following article in the Winnipeg Free Press editorial area titled " Mr. Ashton, were it so easy". It is at worst a puff piece, and should not subject Staff Writer to the whip or ball and chain from Mr. Ashton should he ascend to power and put his odious legislation into place. That piece ends with the following conclusion:
He is proposing to introduce a version of Britain's Race Relations Act, an aggressive statute that, among other things, makes it easier to convict an employer of discrimination. At this point, Mr. Ashton's ideas are long on platitudes and short on details.
Freedom Manitoba could be jailed under Mr. Ashton's plan for calling it as he sees it. Staff Writer should have to eat swallow his story whole printed on recycled newsprint then used to wrap old fish for writing such useless drivel. However, on the other hand, he will be free from persecution by Mr. Ashton and his new gestapo when they get their jackboots issued and hit the bricks, should that glorious day arrive.

Be a man, Staff Writer and call this freebooter what he is. The people of Manitoba deserve to know the truth, not be served up pablum.

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