Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Had on Offline Day with Stephen Boissoin

Agreed to Agree After Much Sharing

Yesterday, I did something I rarely do anymore when blogging, and that is speak out about something I know little about. But, speak out I did, when I received a note from Stephen Boissoin about the Jan Buterman case against the Catholic School Board in Edmonton. I was still suffering from fatigue due to joyous grandchild overload, and did not do my own research, which is why I had not blogged on the case earlier.

So, I put up a post, saying a bit of this and that, included Stephen's note, which I did not fully understand at the time, and made it about Free Speech as well, opining that Stephen was welcome to his opinion, whether I agreed with it or not. Having cautioned Walker Morrow, a fine young man with plenty of smarts and common sense, about using throw away lines indiscriminately, I went him several better. I used a throw away blog that was worth either more effort, or worth, as was better for me at the time, no effort, rather than a poor effort.

So today, I spent my time, writing back and forth with Stephen to understand where he was coming from, since he called me on my blog entry, and I also pulled the blog entry itself, since I was clearly not satisfied with what I had said and concluded.

In the end, I gathered some valuable research from him, found some on my own, and concluded that we are in fact in agreement on the topics we were discussing, and that I was out of line with my approach. Although I am still fatigued, I learned a lot today, and it was worthwhile. I think that I could get much further much faster in understanding things that Stephen has come to know through his experiences in face to face meeting, rather than email, but that is not the case as yet, so we make do.

I felt that Buterman was out of line going after the Board one year later after being dropped from a supply list, and now that I know some of what Stephen knew that I didn't I feel even stronger about it. The bad news is that the Alberta HRC does not care about the truth of the matter, because they have their agenda, and truth is not only not a defence against Section 3(1) the hate section, but it is largely irrelevant in the Kangaroo Court at any time. All they care about is what is politically correct, and the sheeple that work for the AHRC are all inclined the same way. This is not an AHRC phenomenon. It is consistent in the HRC industry. If you want to see political correctness pushed to the max, watch what happens with this case and many of the others that I and other bloggers have brought to your attention.

If that is bothersome to you, then step up to the plate and register your displeasure with MPs. MPPs, and others.

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