Monday, October 19, 2009

Start Brain

Then, Put Mouth in Gear

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Do they need a HRC in PA, and who would take who there?

Americans are generally very patriotic about the flag. I mean, they are everywhere. We put the Maple Leaf on our motorhome in Tucson last winter, just for a little colour change.

As reports:

Chester, Pa., firefighter James Krapf wants to know what's wrong with Old Glory. The 11-year veteran was suspended without pay Thursday after he refused to peel a sticker of the American flag from his locker.

It's pride…it's a matter of pride," Krapf said.

A new department rule mandates that all stickers and statements – union, cartoon and political – be stripped from lockers after several offensive and racist images showed up in the firehouse. But Krapf figured the red, white and blue was safe.

It seems he was wrong.

The Chief asked him to leave and won't let him back until the flag is gone from his locker. They can kick the Krapf out of Krapf, but he's not a quitter:

"We applaud Jim Krapf because these colors don't run," said union prez Stacy Landrum.

Krapf, who was turned away from the station again Friday, plans to stand his ground. "It's the American flag, we should be able to fly it wherever we want…I don’t believe it's offensive to anyone," he said.

The issue and Krapf's fate is scheduled to be discussed at a meeting on Monday.

I am sure that having that flag decal on his locker probably hinders Jim Krapf from performing his job as a fire fighter effectively somehow. Give the man a break. Stupid rules are meant to be broken, Stupid.

I wonder how long it took union prez Stacy Landrum to remember the title"These colors don't run" from the Iron Maiden song:
Far away from the land of our birth
We fly a flag in some foreign earth
We sailed away like our fathers before
These colors don't run from cold bloody war.

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