Monday, October 12, 2009

Good News, Maybe Bad News

Don't get Tasered Guys - It's Gonna Really Hurt

In an article in the Toronto Star today, it says:

Police forces across Canada, including the RCMP and OPP, are immediately changing their Taser use policy after the manufacturer issued a directive that officers should not aim the weapon at a suspect's chest.

Taser International said in a bulletin that it's no longer advisable to aim the conducted energy weapon, which sends out a jolt of electricity, at a target's chest area to avoid impact to the heart.

"[W]e have lowered the recommended point of aim from centre of mass to lower centre of mass for front shots," the company said in a new training bulletin.

Not wanting to make light of it, because I hope no cop ever feels the need to taser me, but there are a lot of guys who would prefer the risk of damage to their heart to the possibility of damage to their "you know" which happens to be down near the lower centre of mass area.


Don Sharpe said...

Love the Taser! I've seen it used several times, and it's either that or helping police fight with the patient, getting covered in blood and spit, ending up sweaty and dirty.
Much better than the two alternatives of either a beating or shooting.
Just my experienced opinion, from anecdotal evidence over the past few years.

Michael Brandon said...

Yes Don, but you miss the point. Amnesty International says that miscreants have human rights too. They have the right to kick, punch, spit at and otherwise abuse our police, who of course don't have rights, because folks like Barb Hall, our vaunted Commissar of Human Lefts says that they profile (nasty boys and girls).

However, that brings to mind a thought about a possible use of the taser that might have merit. HMMM!