Friday, October 9, 2009

Food For Thought

A Comment to the Archbishop Lahey Article in

I only spent a moment looking at the comments to the article that I read here. Frankly, most sheeple commenting, and myself often enough, are judgmental idiots. We do not know what Archbishop Lahey has done sinfully in his life, God does. We do know what he has been charged with doing, which has yet to be confessed to or proven in court.

But there was one comment that was very insightful, and warranted repeating:
I believe that every human life has some dignity and value.

We tend to judge others by their deeds, and ourselves by our intentions.
We do well to remember that God loves us all in our sinful conditions, and we are all in sinful condition. As Jesus said: "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." It's not me, that's for darn sure. God calls us all to come out of our sinfulness, to repent and then to move forward from that repentance. That goes for Archbishop Lahey, and for those who would gossip about him as well.

The second sentence speaks to me, particularly when I am in a judgmental mindset, which happens all too often, to my sorrow and shame. I would add that we tend to judge others by what we think they did, or what the press said they did, which is even murkier than what they actually did much of the time.

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