Saturday, November 7, 2009

Your Love Is Forever

For he who is not against us is for us. Mk 9:40

Now that I have gotten past my stubbornness (momentarily at least), I had the pleasure of listening to this song by George Harrison, called Your Love Is Forever, which a friend recommended to me. I liked it, and now I recommend it to you.

The lyrics are:
Sublime is the summertime, warm and lazy . . .
These are perfect days like Heaven's about here,
But unlike summer came and went -
Your love is forever,
I feel it and my heart knows
That we share it together.

Resigned to the wintertime's cold and dreary
Peering into fire flames, burning I know
That unlike winter came and went
Your love is forever
I feel it and my heart knows
That we share it together

I feel it and my heart knows you're the one
The guiding light in all your love shines on
The only lover worth it all
Your love is forever.
If you listen with your heart not just your ears, you can see that "the only lover worth it all" and whose "love is forever", is our Creator.

Here it is in a video tribute to George, though the song is really a tribute to the One who created George.

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Joshua S. said...

Thank you, Michael. This is probably my favourite George Harrison song of all time, follwed closely by another one from the same album called LOVE COMES TO EVERYONE

"Go through it,
Got to go through that door,
There's no easy way out at all.
Still it only takes time
'Til love comes to everyone!

There in your heart
Something that never ageing
Always a part
Of something's that's never changing
It's in your heart

The Holy Spirit is kinda everywhere for those with the eyes to see and the ears to hear.