Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I Love When God Makes Connections

Crystal (Christ - all) Blue Persuasion

Who Knew?

My friend, Joshua sent me this note about an oldie and what it meant to his family:
Your current focus on music on the FREEDOM THROUGH TRUTH site catalyzed an interesting memory-dig on my wife's part. We were sitting around chatting about your new focus and how what we call "God's Greatest Hits" keep coming around again and again. Let me explain what memory your musical mischief has tickled to life! Read on...
When our three sons were in their teens, two of them went through a period in which they fervently worked together to become a "famous rock duo". It was cute, and because they both were blessed with some musical talent, it was rather enjoyable for us spectators. Anyway - to cut to the chase - my boys finally "premiered" their "band" for about 20 or so gathered guests at a Thanksgiving dinner at our home in the early 1990s. Their three-song set consisted of two "original songs" (that was a bit of a stretch, to be quite frank!) followed by their "big closing number" - an extraordinarily soulful accoustic version of a song entitled CRYSTAL BLUE PERSUASION, which had been a huge hit circa 1967 or so when I was in high school.
After the performance was done and the last of our guests had left, my wife asked my sons why they had chosen that song to cover. My son Keith replied: "Mom, did you even listen to it? It's the most amazingly heavenly song and it's about God's infinite love. It rocks and it's got such a COOL MESSAGE! I can't believe you'd ask that! Sheesh!"
Offended tone aside, Keith's reaction had a lesson for us both. I'd not thought about the lyrics to this song in many years, but upon examination, I discovered Keith was right.


Look over yonder,
What do you see?
The sun is a-risin'
Most definitely.
A new day is comin'
People are changin'
Ain't it beautiful,
Crystal blue persuasion

Better get ready
To see the light
Love, love is the answer
And that's all right
So don't you give up now
So easy to find
Just look to your soul
And open your mind

Crystal blue persuasion
It's a new vibration
Crystal blue persuasion
Crystal Blue persuasion
Maybe tomorrow
When He looks down
On every green field
and every town
All of his children
And every nation
There'll be peace and good brotherhood
Crystal blue persuasion
Crystal blue persuasion.....

In the years since, I learned that Tommy James wrote the lyrics immediately after his own awakening to Christ's message and turned his bliss into a No. 1 Hit.
According to Tommy James himself, "...when I wrote Crystal Blue Persuasion, it was taken from the Book of Revelation: the imagery of the new Jerusalem."
If you "video-Google" the song, you will discover that amateur musicians and christian performers have embraced this song in a very unique manner. There are hundreds of "covers" out there, some of amazing quality.
All this causes me to reflect that the Word of God as reflected in His message of infinaite love and compassion keeps coming 'round again and again, doesn't it? On the airwaves, in the cinema, on television - The Message is "repackaged" by all and sundry. Some even claim to have thought of it themselves, which I find simple "darling beyond belief"! Fortubnately, God doesn't sue for copyright infringement. Now, I think that last point is very cool indeed. And think about all the people who have benefitted from that. God doesn't mind, as long as you're spreading the Word...
Examples of this abound throughout the "history of the music charts," but they crop up in the most unusual ways and places sometimes. Kids! When will we stop having to learn from them? (insert loving laughter here)
Michael, I just wanted to share something personal that I thought you might enjoy. It's kinda my family's version of "Kids Say The Darndest Things".
I responded to him about a connection between us that I notice sometimes in my life:
Here is a connection for you that is a sign to me that God is connecting His Kids (young and old) together in His ways and in His time.
On one of the last 2 days I was some place with Tina, and there was old music playing. The only song I remember that I heard was Crystal Blue Persuasion. Everything else was lost, including where and when. I did not listen to the lyrics nor have I ever listened to them, you know, really listened to them. But it was in my head.
Then I get this email from you, and what is it about in part, Crystal Blue Persuasion.
Anyway, here is Crystal Blue Persuasion.

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