Friday, November 13, 2009

Bugatti's Don't Float

For $1 Million Plus, You Get A Boat or a Car, Not Both

In this AP report we learn about the little things that can go wrong with an automobile magnified when said automobile cost over $1,000,000.

In this Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2009 photo, wrecker driver Gilbert ...

In this Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2009 photo, wrecker driver Gilbert ...

As AP reports:

A man blamed a low-flying pelican and a dropped cell phone for his veering his million-dollar sports car off a road and into a salt marsh near Galveston. The accident happened about 3 p.m. Wednesday on the frontage road of Interstate 45 northbound in La Marque, about 35 miles southeast of Houston.

The Lufkin, Texas, man told of driving his luxury, French-built Bugatti Veyron when the bird distracted him, said La Marque police Lt. Greg Gilchrist. The motorist dropped his cell phone, reached to pick it up and veered off the road and into the salt marsh. The car was half-submerged in the brine about 20 feet from the road when police arrived.

Gilchrist said he doesn't know if the car was salvageable, but in his words, "Salt water isn't good for anything." He says the man, whose identity hasn't been released, was not injured.

A 2006 Bugatti Veyron was recently offered for sale in Jonesboro, Ark., for $1.25 million.

For all those with penis envy, who are gloating at the owner's misfortune, he probably has a backup in his 5 car garage, or at his summer place, or his European vacation home.

BTW this wouldn't happen in Ontario on two counts. He wouldn't have had his cell phone in his hand as that is now a no-no. The only pelicans we can find are in the Toronto Zoo, and they don't allow your car inside.

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