Thursday, November 12, 2009

Smoking As A Disability

I Can't Believe I Wrote that Title

An article that I read a little bit ago about the cause and effect of smoking on campus from The Manitoban got me to digging a bit.

There have been some wonky screeches around, presumably from smokers. At least, I would hope so, but I might have heard Barb Hall's voice in the background. She is always looking for the Big Discrimination, you know the systemic one, so she can hop on Roxinante and go tilt at another windmill. Problem of course is that Dalton Dolittle is standing behind her nudging her on to glory. We need a Premier with stones. Too bad its so hard to topple a monopoly, at least for now.

But, in BC they are way ahead of her, so she's going to have to pick up her game. I kid you not, that over on the left coast there is a case before the BC HRT (Big Crazy High fallutin' Rootin' tootin' Tribunal) of a woman who believes that she was refused a job because she is a smoker, saying that her smoking "disability" was the reason.

The Vancouver Sun picked it up last February here. Roxanne Stevenson has taken the City of Kelowna to Kangaroo Court over her disability and their failure to accommodate her by giving her a job that someone else was qualified for, and got ahead of her. I mean, it's all about her right! Or, I mean it's all about her rights.

Lest you think that I jest or that I have made this stuff up, I assure you fact has once again proven itself weirder than fiction. Enid Marion, the tribunal member who heard the first whiffs of this case has rendered a Preliminary Decision on the Application to Dismiss by the City of Kelowna here, and says "On with the show."

I am less concerned about what they do on the left coast where we on the right side of the mountains have those majestic peaks for protection from their political and legal meanderings on the wild side.

What I am more concerned about is that our globe trotting head of the Canada HRC (Her Royal Censorness), J Ly Lynch might catch wind of this, and make a cause celebre out of it. Or, she might give a nudge to her fellow left wing nut, Barbara Hall with our delightful Ontario HRT (Herd of Rabid Toadies).

I hear that Barb is still miffed that she lost a chance to advance new rights for transgendered females in the Fulton case, when the transgenderee in this case, bailed on her. You can read the case decision on that one here, and my pearls of whatever on it here.

Have you not all had enough of this insanity. Kill Political Correctness, and bring back the Truth. I never read "You shall know how to be politically correct, and political correctness will set you free." No, I'm sure it goes: "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free."

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