Sunday, November 29, 2009

View From The Pew - First Sunday of Advent 2009

O Come Divine Messiah

Advent is a lovely time of the year. The readings and hymns of Sunday Mass focus on hope and waiting, though seasonally it is the time to wait and hope for Christmas, the day we celebrate the arrival of the Messiah, Jesus Christ into our midst. Of course, in truth, we know that Messiah has come and died and been resurrected, so we are actually celebrating the story of his coming, and are hoping for his return.

The mass is a little shorter because the Gloria is omitted in this season, since the Gloria gives Glory to God in all three persons, and this season is about awaiting the Messiah.

As well, we are preparing for giving to others in this lead up to Christmas. The Giving tree is up now with cards you can pick to buy gifts for young members of the parish family, and extended family who have little to nothing right now. As well, we could sign up to provide Christmas for an entire family or food baskets and vouchers for a family. All in all a great time in the Church. The food basket component of the gifts for families comes with a shopping list, and we are looking forward to completing it as part of our personal Advent celebrations this year.

Mass today opened with a traditional hymn O Come Divine Messiah. Here is a version of it.

Mass concluded with Let Heaven Rejoice

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