Tuesday, November 17, 2009

An Innocuous Little Blurb From CHML in Hamilton

Does Barb Hall Have an Interest in a Technology Company?

I am sure she doesn't, but she missed a good windfall of her own creation.

From CHML these words in their news section:

The city has started testing a new automated stop announcement system on its busses.

The result is that voice and visual announcement of all stops on all HSR routes, will be in place by the end of the year.

The system was purchased by the city at a cost of three million dollars, and is required to comply with a ruling by the Ontario Human Rights Commission .

You may recall that I wrote once or twice about the transit call-out ruling by Ms. Hall's gestapo last year. I mentioned it in this posting here. I prophetically called the piece "Is there a Bottom to this pit?"

The original case, turned into an Ontario universal human right, was about a blind person on the TTC who whined because he couldn't figure out where he wanted to go, and got the hopey changers at the Ontario HRT to support him. But, Barb Hall took him many better and got to command all transit systems in Ontario to install call out systems.

Hamilton - $3,000,000 for a call out system, because of a handful of blind people who won't ask for help from the driver or another passenger, in a recession.

I explained in one piece how that discriminated against me, and my brain injury, since I can't ride public transit because of the noise and confusion added to the existing noise and confusion by call outs. No way, am I giving those clowns at the Ontario HRC a shot at trying to fix that one. By the way, every time I have ridden on a transit system, there has been at least one person with an aversion to noise disability (me), but I have rarely seen a blind person.

So, if it cost Hamilton $3 mill, what do you think it cost the other 16 transit systems in Ontario to pay for Barb's perfidy?

These are the types of hidden costs that we can get a handle on that come from the human rights industry. It is hard to imagine the scope and size of the costs to our society of such perfidy happening in all provinces, plus J Ly's special horror show.

The mind boggles, but you can do something about it. You can open your own mouth and complain about the nonsense, and get our governments to stop all this political correctness and return to some measure of sanity. We all voted for this, you know.

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