Friday, November 13, 2009

Religion and The Left

Reconcilable - Not Really

Friend Joshua opined the following after my posting the other night about David Kupelian and his piece on political correctness run amok after the murders at Fort Hood:
This raises an interesting question: Can Christians possibly reconcile their religious beliefs and their support for particular "liberal/leftist" political organizations/causes? Christ's message of sharing is a personal one, not a political ideology. I cannot understand why so many alleged Christians support anti-Israel organizations, the ACLU or its secular Canadian equivalent, certain "peace" organizations/movements, ANY group that supports abortion, etc. I could go on.

My faith does affect my politics. My faith proscribes supporting any fascist organizations, governments or people. This would include the much mythologized but nonetheless anti-human and evil Che Guevara, Fidel Castro etc. My faith proscribes support for the notion of cultural equality/equity. God created all men, and all men are equal. This is not true of "cultures" which are man-made constructs. There exist cultures which allow the individual man to flourish and follow God's Path. There are those that do not. This is a qualitative difference which is reflected in the quality of life such opposing cultural values promote.

Judeo-Christian values support life and the fulfillment of Man's potential through his God-given gifts including his free will. Islamic cultures don't. I know. I've spent extended periods - years, actually - in Middle Eastern locations working contracts for various North American and European business concerns. I've seen "life in the Middle East" and it is NOT pretty. It is NOT God's Plan as I know it in my soul. I still have nightmares about things that I saw or witnessed there. Suffice to say that human life is incredibly cheap in the Middle East, and only someone with a heart hardened against God's Message of love could possibly tolerate it and embrace it. Islam is the thread of consistency across the Middle east, and it yields a culture of pain, suffering and death. There is no celebration of Life or Joy in Islam.

I've seen it. It still haunts me. I would not wish a life lived in an Islamic world on a cockroach. Islam is far more than just a religious belief system, it is a political ideology of expansionism and vanquishment. Theologically speaking, Islam is virtually the antithesis of Christianity.
So, my friend says openly what most of us feel in our hearts. We cannot reconcile liberalism, as it has leaked into our culture and has twinned itself with the first successful cloning job ever done in history, political correctness, with the lives that we are called to live.

My fellow North American people, how well do you sleep at night knowing that we are giving our birthright, a birthright that was fought for so hard by our grandfathers and fathers in battlefields around the world to forces of corruption, mostly internal I must add, to the liberal elements of our society and to the evil and malicious elements of other societies?

We can all see the efforts that noble men and women made on our behalf and the citizens of the world, when faced with the megalomania of a Hitler and Mussolini. But, evil is far more subtle today. Evil has learned the lessons of war, and instead of fighting openly is infiltrating the very fabric of our society, and worse yet is using us to do it to ourselves. Must our great nations be totally destroyed before we will look up from our own fears and anxieties and take a stand for the Truth and for justice.

To become once again those great nations we were in the past, because in truth we are no longer those great nations, we must fight against the curse of political correctness. Make political correctness the dirty word that it really is. Banish it and all its elements from our thoughts, words and deeds, and speak painful truth to one another, because the only way out of the morass that we have allowed to occur and have facilitated, in its creation by our inaction and stupidity, is to speak the truth.

How long will the people of North America stay silent and allow forces internal to and external from Canada and the USA to reek havoc in our nations?

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