Monday, November 9, 2009

God Inhabits The Praises of His People

Why Music?

Several years ago, I was actively involved in music ministry. I had spent several years playing guitar, and/or keyboards in church choirs, including writing music by myself, with my step son, or with a choir director friend of mine. I had even done a stint many years ago, with a band from a pentecostal church, London Gospel Temple, here in town for praise, worship and healing services. I have always loved music, and am grateful that my parents made me stick with learning how to play piano when I was younger.

Besides writing music, I developed appreciation for music and particularly for the Christian music of others. With a charismatic prayer group I was involved in several years ago, I scanned a lot of music to pick that which would uplift the members of that group.

My last few years of music ministry were at St. Michael's Parish in London, where I got to play piano and synthesizer in two choirs. I was with people who loved singing and playing music and thoroughly enjoyed doing it.

So, why did God allow me to have an accident 6 years ago, that took away my ability to play music or even really enjoy it as I had? I have no idea about the answer to that question. However, there has been so much good happen in my life since then, with my own growth in faith, and growth in love for my wife and our children, that to give up something else that I love to have something I love even more seems like a small sacrifice.

So, imagine my excitement when I figured out how to embed you tube videos of music that I loved into my Blog, so you can hear and enjoy, and hopefully be inspired in your own faith journey by the music of my life.

That is why you will see and have seen in the last few days music videos amidst the blog postings. They are songs and pieces that have inspired me at one time or another, and which if I cannot play them for you in person, I can share them with you here.

How cool is that?

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Joshua S. said...

I have enjoyed your musical postings very much, Michael. A little story...

About 15 years ago, my wife and I were driving around somewhere and happened to hear a singer on the radio who neither of us had ever heard before. The song was called "Walk To The Well"; my wife noted down the performer's name - Ashley Cleveland. Weeks later, back at home in Toronto, I looked for some music by this artist and found none. The following year, while in the very heart of French-speaking Quebec, I found my first Ashley Cleveland CD, entitled BIG TOWN. I loved every track. So did my wife. A couple of years later - the internet had become a reality in the intervening period - we discovered that Ashley Cleveland was the kind of artist to be found under "Christian Music". The openny dropped, and we both felt kinda stupid for not having figured it out before.

We have since purchased everything Ashley Cleveland has ever released, and seen her perform twice in the southwestern USA.

Simply amazing.