Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pope Benedict XVI - A Pope For Our Times

Pope To Hit the Hit Parade With New Album

Who Knew? Not me that's for sure. There is a new album coming at the end of the month called "Alma Mater" featuring the voice of our Pope.

As the site says:

Alma Mater is the first release on Geffen records of modern classical music from The Choir of the Philharmonic Academy of Rome and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra featuring prayers recited and sung by Pope Benedict XVI. Discover more about the music here.

If the music is anything like the trailer, it is very clearly inspired. WOW!!

Also listen to the short youtube video here, but please go to the site link above for Music from the Vatican

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Joshua S. said...

Michael, I was aware that His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI was to be featured on a new CD release, but i had no idea how innovative it would prove to be musically. This looks very interesting indeed. I'll be purchasing one, that's for sure.