Sunday, November 1, 2009

View From The Pew November 1, 2009

All Souls Day 2009

One of the little things I enjoy about the Catholic Church is the ability to celebrate special days. Today was All Souls Day, and the month of November is a month for remembering those who have gone to their eternal rest (we hope). That Remembrance Day falls in November is significant as well.

Well, today in our mass, the priests honoured those who had died in the past year, in a meaningful way. Family members of the deceased were invited, when called, to come up to the altar and light a candle for their loved one, and receive a blessing from the Celebrant.

Several people were represented, including two families with young children who had lost a parent, one mother and one father. There was not likely a dry eye in the Church, because everyone there was in that instant connected to the families of the deceased. As we are new to the parish, I do not know if this is a regular thing, but sure hope that it is.

As well, parishioners were invited to write the names of deceased family and friends in the book of life, which is kept at the back of the Church for the month. All people listed in the book will be prayed for at each of the masses of the month. I don't know about you but I think we can never pray too much for someone alive or dead, so this too is a wonderful reminder.

It was sad to see the families of the deceased, but important for us as a community to recognize that we are one with them.

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