Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pray for Our Women

Lift Them Up

This morning, as I met with my Brothers in Christ to pray the Divine Office, something came to us at the end of our time of prayer.  As we were praying we became aware that the women in our lives are being beleaguered by issues and problems coming from all directions.

As I pondered this on my drive home from Church, I realised that though we were noticing this particular attack with our own wives, I am aware of other women of God who are also being attacked with sickness, sorrows, and other ills.  I think of a particular dear friend who is a young wife and mother of 3 daughters, a prayer warrior and writer with power and authority.  She has been battling sickness for the last few weeks, which has appeared to hinder her abilities to do what she is called to do.

Then, as I pondered further, I realised that the devil cannot win in this game.  The particular women that I know who are being challenged at this time, are women of deep faith, and that faith and the mercy of God will prevail.  But, the devil will not win, in part, because we will stand in the gap for the women in our lives, interceding for their needs.

I invite you to pray a prayer that Deacon George Sebok evolved from the original to a deep prayer of Spiritual Authority. 
Authority Prayer

Abba Father, with the prayers of all your faithful on earth and in heaven, in the Name of Jesus, your Son, we take authority and we bind up the powers and forces that are not of you in the air, the water, the ground, in the underground, in the nether world, in nature and in fire.  We claim your lordship Jesus, over the air and the atmosphere.  We forbid all demonic interaction and all demonic communications anywhere in our lives and in the lives of those we love.  We seal all of us and all our loved ones, and all that we are about with your most precious body and blood that was shed on the cross.  We give you thanks and praise. Lord Jesus.

Mary, our Mother, surround us with your mantle of protection and frustrate the powers of Satan. 

Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is with you. Blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus.  Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.

St. Michael and St. Gabriel, our warring angels and our guardian angels, come and defend us in battle against the powers and forces of darkness and all powers and forces that are not of you, Lord, in the lives and places of our loved ones and relatives, in the lives and places of all Christians in the world; all those that love and serve you Abba Father and those written in the Book of Life.

We command you demons, evil spirits and Satan to depart now in the name of Jesus, Jesus, Jesus our Lord.  Amen.
Pray for all the women in your life who love the Lord, and all those who in their hearts desire to know and to love Him.

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