Thursday, April 8, 2010

Finally Some Sanity in Alberta Human Rights

CBC Reports What Lindsay Blackett Minister in Charge has to Say

Stephen Boission has learned that the process is the punishment for 9 years now.  He lost an absurd case at the Alberta Human Rights Commission.  He won at the Alberta Court of Queens Bench.

Now, the Minister in charge of the Alberta HRC speaks out about this insanity.  The gay rights people do not want this to go forward, and refused to support Darren Lund when he asked them to.  They believe, rightly, that a curtailment of Stephen Boissoin's right to speak critically against their lifestyle, will come to haunt them another day.  So, they support free speech, an interesting concept.  Yet, Darren Lund soldiers on like a modern day Don Quixote.  Only Stephen is taking the brunt of the hit, because Lund is standing on a principle, even though he is alone (except for the Alberta HRC) in seeing a principle.

Here is what CBC Calgary said today:

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