Monday, April 5, 2010

The Bigots and Their End Game

John Pacheco at Socon or Bust

John Pacheco and I are not always in agreement.  But, even when we disagree, I can appreciate his fervor for the faith and for the Catholic Church where he practices it. 

We sure are of one mind on the following article that he produced today at Socon or Bust.
Many Catholics are upset at the lies and distortions recently exhibited by the New York Times.  Of course, the feeding frenzy has hardly been limited to one article.  It has extended far and wide among all major media outlets.  A salacious lie spreads like wild fire.  Throw in the Catholic Church as the target and it’s like adding gas to the flames.

But this is not the run-o’-the mill driveby smear, as in times past by the media.  The child abuse scandal by the homosexual clique in the Church is long gone. What we are reading right now is the garbage from decades ago. We are not dealing with a problem that is on-going.  On the contrary, the Catholic Church has, in fact, cleaned up its act.  We are simply taking our hits for the sins of the past.  The media, of course, wants to drudge up heinous crimes of decades ago in order to undermine the Catholic Church’s moral positions on abortion, gay “marriage”, clerical celibacy, and women’s ordination.  This isn’t about “the children”.  Let us not deceive ourselves.  The hatred and vitriol directed at the Catholic Church – statistically the least “guilty” of all organizations - is all about smearing the Church and loosening the fidelity of the Faithful to the Vicar of Christ, even though Benedict has done more to clean up the filth in the Church (and society) than any human on this planet.   The media is not all that interested in documenting or reporting Benedict’s war on sexual abuse in the Church.  Why would they want to do that?  It doesn’t match their program.

That’s why, true to form, these decades-old scandals always just happen – coincidentally enough – right before the holiest week of the year for Catholics.  It’s pathetic as much as it is predictable.

Given the global scope of this attack and the obvious falsehood and distortions of the media, however, there is something else going on here, something much more ominous than many Catholics realize.  I believe that there is a world-wide coordinated effort to undermine the Catholic Church and marginalize it with the international community.  Practically speaking, this marginalization will mean that the Pope will not be welcome in certain countries as the political pressure to exclude him, based on the lies and distortions like the one we have seen with the New York Times article, will mount exponentially.  They’ve already tried at the U.N.  The Catholic Church has been the opposing force for decades in scuttling the Western nations’ frantic attempts to get abortion included in the language of “reproductive rights”.  With the Catholic Church out of the way, so many roads become unobstructed for the brave new world and socialist utopia of the population controllers.

It will be a collaborative effort, beginning with a few of the more anti-Catholic countries in Europe.  If the Pope is able to visit these countries, it will be merely as a pastoral visit and not as a head of state.  But this will be practically impossible to do in any case. 

The shepherd will be struck and the sheep will scatter. Once our Shepherd has been isolated among many of the western nations, the persecution of the Church in these countries will then grow exponentially.  The Church will lose many of its benefits and even rights.  In some cases, the Church will be driven underground, with Catholics unable to worship in public.  After the institutional church is attached, individual Catholics will be targeted.  This attack will be concurrent with the attack on other Christian churches and communities as well, to the extent that they refuse to abandon traditional moral principles.

That is why Catholics need to understand clearly what is at stake with the new anti-Catholic bigotry.  It’s nothing less than our right to worship and be free from discrimination and persecution.
If you are as bothered by the New York Times (mis)reporting of the facts of the scandal from 20 years ago, then go here and sign the petition requesting correction of the erroneous reports.  I already have.

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