Saturday, April 24, 2010

Praise The Lord - 4th Sunday of Easter 2010

Sunday Praises

There is always so much to praise Our wonderful Lord for, if we look at His world with open eyes, and more importantly open hearts.

I praise God this week for the 2 days that My Dear Wife and I spent in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan earlier this week, and I also praise God for the 3 days that MDW spent with friends on a quilting shop hop back in the UP until this evening.  New quilting projects that I can assist her with, and I have some of my own that I am working on as well, and I am enjoying it immensely.

I Praise God for the opportunity I have to pray together with my prayer partners in the weekday mornings, and for the opportunity we had to share breakfast on Friday with another deacon friend of ours.

I am especially thankful to have spent a couple of hours with a beautiful brother, who used to work for me when I owned my own business many years ago, who has been having a fine career in information technology. Above all he has had a wonderful journey of faith that has brought him from Sri Lanka to Kenya, to Canada, where he has married, and raised  two wonderful daughters, and he shared some of that with me this week.

And as well, I praise God for the opportunity that I have through this blog to be uplifted by the journeys of other faith filled Christians I encounter through this writing and reading.  I am inspired by Chocolate Hearts, Rubber Hitting the Road, Online Catholics, Social Conservatives, Blue Waves, prayerful deacons, and others who speak the truth that is in all of our hearts with love and authority.

I praise God for Father Sam Johnston, who though diagnosed with cancer of the colon, will submit to the will of His Saviour, and whatever happens, God will be glorified by his faith in his and our Saviour.

Here, on earth, I praise God for the partner I have in life, whose smile I awake to each morning, and whose beautiful heart enriches my days.

Sacred Heart of Jesus I trust in your love for Father Sam and all those who come to mind this week, who have shared a moment or an hour in my thoughts, prayers, and well wishes.  You are the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings, and there is none like You.

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