Saturday, April 3, 2010

About a Recent Embarrassment Here in Canada

Ann Coulter Speaks Through Her Friend, the Eloquent Baron Black of Crossharbour

H/t Don Sharpe

The Canadian people were embarrassed recently, when students at the University of Ottawa managed to high jack the anticipated speech of Ann Coulter, a well known political commenter from that country, just south of us, upon which our feeble economy rests.  In that, that great nation is currently drowning in debt, and determined to increase it by another trillion dollars with a foolhardy attempt to bring health care to the masses, much needed though it may be, our feeble economy rests on sand, but I digress.

Conrad Black is a friend of hers, and he has written in the National Post about their correspondence here.  As always Lord Black researches what he writes, and manages to increase my vocabulary with his selection of the right word.  He manages to inject some of Ann Coulter's sense of humour and spirit into his article, along with his own.

Lord Black is gracious to his home and native land, certainly more than we generally deserve, as he opines: "I believe the whole episode says much about the country: Many insecure and small-minded Canadians -- the type who regarded the gentle Walter Gordon as a revolutionary and Pierre Trudeau as a great world statesman--are taking a long time to grow into Canada's greater and fully-earned status as one of the world's great nations."

He describes Ann Coulter's  views as "civilized conservative. She is tired of flim-flamming politicians who buy votes by over-taxing those who have earned their incomes to redistribute the money, with insufficient regard to merit. She also has scant regard for other countries (Canada included) slagging off America unjustly; and for other races reviling the white world, which has given civilization the Western cultures, Christianity, parliamentary and congressional democracy, the common and civil law and most tenets of successful economics. She declines to practise Unilateral Verbal Disarmament opposite the world's anti-white, anti-Christian complainers. There is no shortage of Canadians who would agree with most of what she says."

I myself and most folks I know would concur with this paragraph, although our liberally minded ideologues 

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