Saturday, April 3, 2010

Boomer Hoomer

Should I be Insulted?  Methinks Not

Two of my darling step daughters gave me a birthday card belatedly the other day, though they had showered me with love and affection previously.

The card pictured three 60 something guys walking barefoot along a beach one bright, sunny winter morning.  The one on the left turns to his friend in the middle and says: "It's windy today."  The middle one, who is slightly shorter looks up at him and says, in response: "No, it's Thursday."

The third chap on the right, not to be outdone chimes in: "So am I!  Let's have a beer!"

The inside of the card read: "This birthday, surround yourself with friends who really understand you!"

Since there was no one around who understood me, I asked them to explain the card to me.

Not really!  I got it and thought it was humorous, . . . true, but humorous.

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