Sunday, April 18, 2010

Praising The Lord - 3rd Sunday of Easter

We Have Much to Praise Him for and to be Thankful for

I thank God for the persecution of the Roman Catholic Church that is going on right now.  Though it has almost totally been blown out of proportion, it will bring good to the Church. 

Those whose faith is too weak will either be strengthened, if they get their own spiritual pride out of the way, or they will leave.  One approach is sad, but both will make the Church stronger.  This is the seed scattered on rocky ground.  The seedlings will die off or be blown onto better soil.

I thank God that those inside the Church who are doing evil things, or who have done evil things for which they have not repented will be rooted out, and be punished accordingly, removing their menace from our midst.  This is seed that was scattered among the thorns.

I praise and thank God that those outside the Church who have been persecuting her needlessly, with malice of fore thought, will be shown for their bigotry, exposing them for all to see, thereby discounting their lies and rhetoric.  This is seed that has been scattered on the side of the pathway.

But, above all I thank and praise God for the seed scattered on good soil, the many faithful Catholic Christians and other faithful Christians who have heard the Easter message of God's abiding love for us all, taken it into their hearts, and will go foward bringing that Good News to our brothers and sisters around the world.

I pray with hope that He will guide me along His pathways so that I too might be seed that is sown on the good ground, and may follow Him all the rest of the days of my life faithfully.

Above all, I praise Him that we are able to celebrate the saving work of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and that our trials will strengthen us.

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