Wednesday, May 26, 2010

You Gotta Be Old to Remember - The Streak

Ray Stevens Once Again

I remember my Dad almost falling off his chair laughing at this one.  This it the first Ray Stevens song I remember.  Go visit his web site.  Tell him I sent you.


ACcountryFan said...

Hello! I'm a huge fan of Ray Stevens. I take it you're exaggerating the name of your blog entry?

I'm 33 and know a lot about Ray. I think when someone becomes a fan of Ray Stevens they want to become aware of everything he's recorded just out of curiosity...I was born in 1976 and so a lot of his biggest recordings were out before I was even born.

"The Streak" was among the first songs of Ray's I ever heard as was on a 1987 Greatest Hits cassette tape. I'm sure people out there are aware of's the one that shows a woman and Ray on the album cover dressed as Bonnie and Clyde-style gangsters.

Michael Brandon said...

Yes, I was exaggerating, but I do remember when I was much younger, and my parents were both still very much alive, how we would laugh ourselves silly when we played his "record", or heard him on the radio.

Good memories of my childhood.

There were no cool videos like we have now. We had to imagine the humorous scenes for ourselves.