Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Father Hear Your Children

Let Forgiveness Flow To Us and Through Us

Here is a Steve Green song about forgiveness.  First, the lyrics, then the video.

Let us first receive God's forgiveness, then ask it of those we have hurt, and grant it to those who have hurt us.

Here are the lyrics of this beautiful song.
Father, hear Your children call
Humbly at Your feet we fall
Prodigals, confessing all
To the cross we bring our blame
All our life-long sin and shame
Penitent, we breathe Your name
Penitent, we breathe Your name

By Your love, by Your grace
By the blood of Jesus wash our sins away
Make us new today
Hear us as we pray

We're blind, but pray for eyes to see
Where we're bound, Lord make us free
Stained, we plead for purity
Where we're sick, apply Your cure
Take our guilt and make us pure
For Your mercy Lord, is sure
For Your mercy Lord, is sure

Lord, we have no other place to go
Only You can heal the wounding of our soul
Let forgiveness flow
Let forgiveness flow 

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