Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What Do You Think Really Goes On at the UN?

From Austin Ruse of Friday Fax

Austin Ruse writes as follows, and it is worth reading and subscribing to as well.  Also, as the work he dies is worthy of the Gospel, you might want to support him as he requests:
She came to my office crying….

She is a Christian working deep within the UN….

And she needs our help…

May 12, 2010
Dear Friend of the Friday Fax,

I recall the young woman who came weeping to my office a few years ago.

She is a UN employee, a Christian, who felt overwhelmed by the evil agenda promoted by her colleagues. She told me how she could not show herself to be a faithful Christian because she would be persecuted. She cried and cried.

I remind you of this story for one reason only. We have friends deep within the UN system! There is leaven there! They are mostly hidden. They cannot expose themselves. They are like Nicodemus who could only come to Jesus in the night.

But they are there! They work in the UN Secretariat. They work at UNICEF. They work at the World Health Organization. They work on foreign delegations to the UN. Some even work at UNFPA! I know because they reach out to me and my staff.

Imagine working in an environment where you would be hated and persecuted if your colleagues only knew that you worshiped really worshipped and followed Jesus Christ? And that you opposed the abortion agenda!

Imagine working in an environment where your colleagues work constantly to undermine the faith and the faithful; to kill unborn children; to redefine the family. Imagine doing all you can in your own limited way to stop them but having to do it in secret.

That is the reality for hundreds and maybe even thousands of our brothers and sisters working within the UN system!

I know this to be true because some of them come to me and to my staff. And one of their central messages to us is this.
Be brave. Do not stop what you are doing. Keep shining a bright light on the UN radicals who are using UN documents and programs to promote abortion and the homosexual agenda. Do not stop coming to meetings and reporting on what you see. The world has to know what goes here. And above all, keep publishing the Friday Fax. Sometimes it is our only consolation. And it drives our colleagues crazy!
As you read this letter I want you to think of the brave men and women who work at the UN and who work unknown to us but who work close to evil inclinations and do all they can to fight it. They rely on the Friday Fax. You do, too, but even if our only audience were these good people, we would keep publishing just for them.

The Friday Fax is monstrously expensive to produce. It takes us two people working full time two days a week just to do the reporting and writing. It costs us thousands of dollars a year just to send it out by email (sending out one million emails a month is very expensive). It costs us a great deal to print and mail the version that goes to 15,000 subscribers.

All together the Friday Fax costs us roughly $177,000 per year to produce.

Can you help us keep the Friday Fax going and growing?

Can you contribute $500 to this campaign? Can you contribute $250? $100? $50. Can you pray for us, too?

I urge you to go HERE and give as much as you can.

As you can see, this battle is not one of money. If it were about money we would have lost a long time ago. It is about good people fighting powers and principalities. It is about prayer. So, pray for us, pray for us by name every day if you can. And pray for our friends who work within the UN system.

And if you have been so blessed, give to support the Friday Fax, which gives aid and comfort to those who fight for you, the family, the Church and the unborn child.

It is easy to give. Go HERE and you can see you can give in many ways. You can give online through out totally secure server. You can wire money to us. You can mail us a check, too.

Don't wait. Go HERE now and give as much as you can.

And remember to keep us in your prayers.

Yours sincerely,

Austin Ruse
President, C-FAM
Editor, Friday Fax

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