Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Where Did All The Men Go?

Jennifer Hartline on Jill Stanek's Recent Column

Jennifer Hartline is a woman's woman and a man's woman.  She is an equal defender of males and females recognizing the unique gifts of each, not unlike fellow Pro-Life supporter Jill Stanek.  Pro-death rhetoric is both fatiguing and banal, and needs to be exposed for what it is.  Trust these two to do so.  Here is Jennifer's latest comment and link to Jill Stanek's latest. 
Jill Stanek's column today is simply too good not to share. It concerns the lament of the pro-aborts that there just aren't enough pro-abort men out there willing to stand up and support abortion "rights." Boo-hoo.

Their hypocrisy is rich, don't you think?  This is why modern feminism stinks.  Women insist they don't need men for anything, can do it by themselves, make all the choices by themselves, and then turn around and wonder where the guys went!

Abortion allows men to sink to their lowest levels.  It gives them permission to be neglectful jerks if they want to be.  It gives them an excuse to walk away from their responsibility, leaving the burden entirely with women.  This is, of course, exactly what women said they wanted, so there's no room here for whining about it now.

I still believe most men want to be decent and honorable, but sometimes they need a woman to inspire them and nudge them in the right direction.  It's the way we were made to complement each other.  When we behave as men and women who depend on each other, we all rise to our best selves.  We lift each other up.

Abortion sows death and reaps death in so many, many ways...

When will women finally wake up and realize that?
I am married to a real woman. As such, she has brought the real man out in me.  I love her, and I enjoy being the REAL me.

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