Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday Morning Praises - Sixth Sunday of Easter 2010

Mother's Day

Today, I praise God for teaching me that the Mother that I had here on earth was the best mother in the world for me, that she cared for me, and guided me to the best of her abilities, and prayed for me.  I praise God that I was able to be present when she passed away to return her gift of prayer for me to her at that moment.

I praise God for My Dear Wife, the wonderful mother who is my marriage partner, lover and best friend, the mother of her own three children, and a step mother to my three as well.  She has the wisdom of a woman, and that is very complementary, not competitive, with own masculinity.

I praise God for My Dear Sister, a wife and mother of three herself, and a giver of self to those in need, my best female friend in the world, except for MDW (of course).

I praise God today for all mothers, those particularly who have embraced motherhood, and treated it as the most important vocation on the planet.

And Sacred Heart of Jesus, I trust in your love for all mothers, those who have embraced motherhood, those who have not done so because of their own woundedness, and also those mothers who have allowed their children to be taken from their wombs in abortion, either medically induced, or by the use of abortifacient birth control means.

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