Sunday, May 2, 2010

Time to Praise the Lord - Sunday May 2, 2010

Today, I praise the Lord for the partner in life he has given me.  Living with My Dear Wife, while being committed to God's Will in our lives has been a treat.  Journeying with her day by day, is like pealing back the layers of an onion.  Sometimes there are tears, like an onion, though they are usually tears of joy, and like an onion there is sweetness as you approach the center.

I praise God for prayer partners, those I meet in the morning for the Divine Office, those I know from meeting over the years, and those I encounter through the internet, and have never met yet.  Knowing that we are all one in Christ makes time and space disappear.

I praise God today for giving me the simplest prayer I know "Sacred Heart of Jesus I trust in your love for _____."  This simple prayer allows me to put words to trusting that God is in charge, and that he has a plan for every difficult situation and person in our lives.

I praise God that My Dear Wife and I have been able to get outside to our gazebo in the warm sunshine the other day, enjoy a glass of wine together, have some tasty treats, and enjoy the birds and blooms as they show themselves this spring.

But, above all, I praise and thank Him because He is Him and I am not.


My Chocolate Heart said...

Amen, Michael. To all of it. Praise Jesus!

Judy Dudich said...

Thank you for sharing that beautiful and simple prayer for others!!!!!
I will pray it many times over!
God bless you and your dear wife in the beautiful love you share!
Your Gazebo sounds lovely!

Michael Brandon said...

Thank you Judy (and Jennifer as well).

Like you both, being married to the earthly love of my life is such an immense blessing.

It helps me to see Christ in others, because I see Him in her, and she and I are one.

But, God's love in this wonderful form - marriage - unity of two to be one is such a picture of His love for us and desire for us to be His Bride.

It is so simple, yet so very profound.

God Bless You this week.