Friday, March 26, 2010

We Have a Pro-Life Intercessor in Heaven as of Sunday Morning

As a Canadian Christian, I awoke the other morning, hoping that Pro-life forces in Washington had somehow stood firm enough, and weathered the storm, fought the good fight to the end, and managed to overcome the Democrat Goliath with their Healt Care Reform Bill.

That morning as I gathered with friends to pray the Liturgy of the Hours, we interceded for our brothers and sisters in America.

I knew the previous night that Rep. Bart Stupak had made a deal with the President to get an Executive Order to maintain the Hyde Amendment, as I read and reposted on my own blog site what Deacon Keith Fournier had written about Stupak’s deal.

The deal done, victory was no longer an option, and so I read everything I could to understand what had happened

I particularly zeroed in and posted on the informative letter that Archbishop George H. Niederauer, of San Francisco wrote to and about his parishioner, Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  Surely, the Speaker would be able to see the danger her very soul was in at this critical time.

I even looked to see what the secular world here in Canada, our own conservatives were saying in support of those who opposed the Bill that was before Congress the other day. There was a lot of noise going on over at Small Dead Animals, one of Canada's foremost conservative blog sites. SDA is a site that brings a lot of insight to things, and some interesting commentary, sometimes incendiary, sometimes humorous, but most often thoughtful and concerned, like this time.  The posting was not about the issue of abortion that is so important to Catholics and all those who support life, but primarily about the constitutionality of the whole mess. Different perspective. Same result. Same disappointment.

As I commented in my own posting about what I had read at SDA: “If you think for a minute that we here north of the 49th do not care about our friends and neighbours south of us, you would be mistaken. And we do so passionately. We also care about freedom, something that is disappearing at such an alarming rate in North America.

But, as I continued to read and ponder, I thought that a very dark day had come to pass, and I was saddened. But, suddenly, that afternoon, I received the most wonderful news, that the battle was not lost, but that it has in fact just begun. The day was not dark, but a bright light was shining on us.

So, do you think a bunch of empty suits in Washington or Ottawa or any other alleged power center of this universe stand a chance at winning for the pro-death folks, in the abortion fight after the weekend? I don't and what follows is why.

Fr. Paul Marx, the founder of Human Life International went to his eternal reward Sunday morning. Though his passing is in some ways sad, as he is no longer with us here on earth, he is in a far better place for him, and also for us. As he was approaching his 90th birthday, he had fought tirelessly for 40 years for the cause of the unborn, and now he is in heaven with all the aborted children of all the ages, and guess what he is going to do.  As he rallied the troops here on earth, I am betting that he will be rallying the troops in heaven, and they will be interceding for us all, for the unborn and for those who would take their lives. Watch the miracles come now, folks!!!

Father Paul and the host of heaven will be seeing the things we cannot, and praying for justice for the unborn, and for the fullness of the reign of heaven.

May he rest in peace, for a moment or two, while he catches his breath, and then may he carry on the fight he did on earth, but with the aid of the heavenly host. This is, in fact, far more exciting news than the debacle in Washington the other day. This is big news in the spiritual realm.

Dear Father Paul, pray for all of us who have any inkling of the belief in the sanctity of life from conception to natural death, that we will be strengthened in that belief, and that we will carry on your work on earth, as you carry it on in heaven. Pray that we will come to know deeper the meaning of life, and God's plan for it. Intercede for the opening of our eyes and our hearts to God’s will for us in this fight.

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