Friday, March 12, 2010

Health Care Endgame – Abortion is Central Issue

U.S. Knights Urged to Keep Pressure on Congress

As we all know all is not rosy for Pro-Life forces in the USA.  Sadly, without continuing pressure and especially prayers, the US will enact a piece of legislation that will provide federal funding for abortion, that evil that is decimating the future of that great country, and does the same to Canada.  The USA is too great a nation to allow this, and I hope and pray and, ask you to as well, that it will be defeated or amended to protect the unborn from further harm.  Now is not the time to go further down this evil road, but the time to back track and value the lives of the most defenseless of our societies our pre-born children.  This is a battle that must be won.  Here is what is reported on the Knights of Columbus sight

The health care debate has now reached its final and most critical stage, with final votes expected by March 19th. The White House and Congressional leaders are fast-tracking health care legislation through a rare parliamentary maneuver known as “reconciliation.” This process will push the bill through Congress over the objections of a bipartisan group of lawmakers that want to remove abortion funding from the bill.

Within days the House will be asked to vote on the Senate bill, which violates the long-standing policy against the federal funding of abortion and is an unacceptable departure from current law. If the Senate bill is adopted by the House, it goes immediately to the President’s desk for signature and will be enacted into law. A second “reconciliation” bill will then be voted on by both houses to makes changes to the first bill. These changes will not amend the abortion mandates in the bill.
The Senate bill contains multiple pro-abortion provisions and federal subsidies for abortion. It allows for federal dollars to flow to abortion providers in community health centers; it allows for subsidies for overall health plans that cover abortion. Lastly, it provides no conscience protection for those who refuse to participate in abortion.

The American Catholic bishops oppose the Senate bill, saying that under its provisions “federal funds will help subsidize, and in some cases a federal agency will facilitate and promote, health plans that cover elective abortions.” Read the entire U.S. Bishops Conference statement.

A spokesman for the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) has said that the Senate bill is the single most pro-abortion piece of legislation to reach the floor of either house of Congress since Roe v. Wade. Read the NRLC statement.

A bipartisan group of lawmakers, including brotherKnight Congressman Bart Stupak (D-MI) is working to ensure that the health care legislation contains language banning abortion funding. They need the support of Knights across the United States in their efforts. Genuine health care reform must protect the life and dignity of the unborn.

Knights and their families are strongly urged to contact their Representative in the U.S. House to ask them to oppose the Senate bill unless and until it contains language banning abortion funding and ensuring conscience protection.

Go to NCHLA website to contact your Representative.

If this battle is lost, may God have mercy on the souls of the lawmakers, and on the people of the nation, who have stood by and watched it happen.

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