Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Abortion Kills a Human Baby

Ever wonder what it looks like when a baby is aborted

Here is the graphic presentation of an abortion at Catholic Online.  If someone tore your 3 year old child limb from limb like this, would you be angered by it, hurt, saddened?    Why is it wrong to do to a living, breathing, walking around child, what it is acceptable to do to one who cannot speak for himself?

These things never get better on their own.  As we become desensitized to horror, we move on to more horror.  Next up, euthanasia, the senseless killing of our parents and grand parents.  After that, we will take out the other marginal performers in our society, the mentally challenged, and the physically challenged. 

Why, because we can, and we can get away with it.

Is this what we want our society to look like?

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