Monday, March 29, 2010

Support Our Priests, And Pray for Our Holy Father

Father Dwight Longenecker Hits Another One Out of the Park

Father Longenecker is on his game, and is speaking with a great deal of wisdom.  In this article posted on his blog, linked below, he takes aim at the evil forces that would seek to bring down the Catholic Church.  But, like many of us Father Dwight has read the end of the book (The Holy Bible) and knows how it ends.  Do not be fooled by the reasonable voices of secular humanism and moral relativism.  They are lies, though they sound good at first blush.  Follow your hearts, not your heads, in what guides your path.

Support the Holy Father

By all means let us grieve over the terrible sins of a few wicked priests who abused children. Let us beat our breasts over the weak, corrupt and short sighted bishops and religious superiors who covered up for them. Let us weep tears of repentance and cry out with anger at this blot on our holy church. Let us resolve to continue our efforts to punish the guilty and weed out the offenders from our church and protect our children with stringent measures. Let us repent of our own sins with true repentance.

However, let us also be aware that a spiritual battle is engaged. The one enemy the forces of secularism in the world hate most is the Catholic Church. The Protestants are divided and cannot speak with one global voice of authority. They are easily ridiculed for their wild eyed evangelicalism or their loopy liberalism, but the Catholic Church is not so easily dismissed. There is no other ancient, historic and universal religious and moral authority in the world but the Catholic Church. The hateful forces of secular atheism know this and will do everything they can to destroy the Catholic Church. The ranks of demons have seen the Catholic Church survive for two thousand years and hate our church.

The forces of secular atheism are on the attack, and the Catholic Church and the Holy Father specifically are the target. Why else are the cases of pedophilia in all other religions downplayed or ignored? Why else are so many of the cases of child abuse in schools swept under the carpet or actually laughed at? Why else are the existing cases in the Catholic Church reported partially, distorted and every attempt is made to link them with the Holy Father?

I do not like conspiracy theories and I have always been wary of the kind of religious paranoia that accuses 'the world' of always being ready to attack the faith. On the other hand, Catholics should be prepared. The attacks on the church will increase and become more virulent, and here is why:

Secularism begins by being tolerant and 'open minded' about religion. This benevolent face of secularism does not last long. It is a sort of atheism which does not realize it is atheism. This 'atheism by default' soon becomes angry and aggressive towards organized religion and the more organized the religion, and the more dogmatic the religion, the more this atheism reacts--first with ridicule, then with organized resistance and finally with aggressive attacks. The 'atheism by default' becomes fully fledged aggressive atheism gradually without people noticing.

The second force in the attack is linked with the first. Along with secularism goes moral relativism--which is a nice word for total sexual license. What seems to be 'free love' soon turns violent towards any force that seeks to criticize it. Those who live outside marriage, those who pursue homosexualism, those who pursue promiscuity and a permissive lifestyle soon come to hate themselves, and one another and their mutual self hatred joins forces and is inevitably directed towards anyone or any group they perceive to be disapproving of their wanton lifestyle.

When these two forces of moral relativism and secular atheism come together and face the Catholic faith, be prepared for the perfect storm.

Read the history of the papacy and you will see that the attack will always come at the head of the church. The Pope will be attacked. He set out from the beginning of his papacy a direct attack on what he calls 'the dictatorship of relativism.' We should not be surprised when the dictator strikes back.

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