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Take Action: Stand with Stupak!

Listen People

Jennifer Hartline, has written the following piece for Catholic Online.  It is a clarion call.  To my friends in the United States of America, I offer you my own prayers, and invite all other Canadians of good will to pray for our neighbours to the south.

The world is watching as you wrestle with the problems of providing health care to each of your citizens, but in our hearts we all know that health care is about care not about murder, and the disembowelment and tearing apart of unborn children in their mother's womb is not health care. 

Will the world look back on this debate and see that it was where the American people took a stand for life, as the majority want, or will we look back and see that the silent majority was just that a silent majority, and the vocal minority of men and women who despise life take control, further greasing the slippery slope of political correctness, and moral turpitude with which we have all become familiar in our day and in all of our lands?

Catholic Online (
Bart Stupak remains steadfast in his promise to protect unborn life despite enormous political pressure.  Stand with Stupak today!

Bart Stupak may be the only thing standing between Life and taxpayer-funded death right now.  David and Goliath, anyone?
Bart Stupak may be the only thing standing between Life and taxpayer-funded death right now. David and Goliath, anyone?
WASHINGTON, D.C. (Catholic Online) - We have heard the crystal clear voice of our courageous Archbishop Chaput regarding the health care reform bill, as well as the voices of the USCCB, along with the national leaders of the Pro-Life movement and the message couldn't be clearer:  this is simply a bad bill and must not become the law of the land.  The declared deadline of March 18 is just two days away.  The time for resolute action is right now.

We've been urging our readers for months to contact their Representatives in Washington, but today we're asking you to stand in support of Bart Stupak.  While others who expressed a commitment to protecting unborn human life have waffled and waned and changed their votes in the past week, he has remained steadfast.  He has not wavered in his promise to reject this terrible bill, and he is under very heavy fire.  He needs the support of people around the country who realize that he may be the last thing standing between Life and taxpayer-funded death right now.  David and Goliath, anyone?

Please take a moment right now and go to and sign the petition of support for Bart Stupak.  There you'll also find the names and phone numbers of other key Pro-life Democrats who need our encouragement to stand strong and not be bullied, bought or bribed into voting for this very bad bill.  Call them and urge them to stand with Stupak!

Time is of the essence.  Please voice your support for Bart Stupak today and ask your friends to do the same.  Remember to pray for him and all those who are facing enormous pressure to bend to the will of President Obama and Nancy Pelosi and abandon their pro-life principles.

Health care reform that does not protect our preborn children is not acceptable.  Abortion is not health care.  There are many, many necessary reforms that could be made to our health care system, and indeed, must be made soon.  This current bill is not the answer.  Let us reject it and start over, being guided by the absolute conviction that human life is sacred from conception to natural death.

Abortion is not health care.  Stand with Stupak today!  Go to right now and sign the petition of support.

Most of all, pray. One smooth stone was all it took.

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