Sunday, March 28, 2010

Praise - Palm Sunday 2010

Praising and Thanking God

This week in the midst of sex abuse scandal murmuring and US health care reform craziness, I realized that God is on His throne, that he knew all that would happen and that it fits into His plan perfectly. I mean, I knew it, but now I KNOW it.  Well, maybe I Know it.

He is worthy to be praised.

I praise God that this week I fell even more in love with my dear Wife.  She is awesome, just like the One in whose image she is created.  How cool is that!!!

I am thankful to Our Great and Mighty God for the first signs of Spring starting to appear.  We have a couple of little crocus in our front garden, and the day lilies are pushing up ever so slightly out of the ground.  The robin has arrived and is strutting his stuff, while the male cardinal to starting his spring song, looking for a mate.  The junco is cleaning up the seeds on the ground that the winter birds have scattered.  Signs of New Life.

And today I praise God for this coming week, when we celebrate Jesus and his horrible death on the Cross for us, and then rejoice once again as He is risen.

Yes, Dear Lord it is a good week to be alive, and above all to be alive in You.

Praise Your Mighty and Holy Name.


My Chocolate Heart said...

Enjoy your spring, my friend. And I hope your Holy Week is filled to the brim with His presence.

I Praise God for knowing you.

Michael Brandon said...

What a great blessing it is to be able to share the journey of faith with brothers and SISTERS we have never met, and may not while on this mortal coil. Yet, they hold a place in our heart.

I am reminded of Jesus telling us that He and the Father would take up residence in our hearts, if we would but let Them.

So too, it is with our brothers and SISTERS in the Lord, since we are the Body of Christ. We too take up residence in the hearts of those other members of the Body.

And to have a heart that is made of Chocolate, that when consumed will never diminish. All the better!!

God Bless You, Sister. You are a blessing to all who know you, as you bring the light of Christ to your precious family, and friends near and far.

While this week, we share in the Sorrow and Death of our Saviour, in 7 days we will celebrate His Resurrection.

Be patient, I say to myself. All will be well. All will be well. All manner of things will be well.

Anne said...

Signs of new life-yes! They are such a blessing most worthy of His praise!

Michael Brandon said...

Oh, Anne. You are so right.

It is impossible for me to believe any assertion by those claiming to be intelligent, sensate beings that this all came randomly out of the primordial soup.

There is a God, and He loves us all so much that He sent His Son for us, but He also made this earth, and it belongs to Him.

It is awesome as He is awesome.

God Bless You this Palm Sunday and every day. It is such a fantastic time to be alive, and truly alive in Him.