Sunday, March 21, 2010

Praises for the Fifth Sunday in Lent 2010

Picking Up on a New Tradition

Jennifer Hartline at My Chocolate Heart, writes a praise and thanksgiving report each week, and invites others to do the same.  I like the idea, and here is my first addition to this new tradition.  I guess if it is kind of new, it's not really a tradition as yet, but it deserves to be one.

I praise God that He is in control.  When we as Catholic Christians look at the ugliness of what is happening in Washington over this Health Care Bill, we see the ugliness of power and politics being wielded by people who are not interested in what the people of America want but in their own agendas.  I thank God for opening our eyes to this ugliness, and praise Him that this all fits into His plan.

I praise God for the beautiful sunshine we have had in Southern Ontario for most of the last few weeks, since our return from Arizona, for the onset of Spring, with the first little signs of it that are peeking up in our garden.

I praise God for opening my eyes once again to the Liturgy of the Hours, and the beautiful prayers and readings contained therein, and for brothers in Christ to pray them with.

I thank God for my lovely wife Christina, and for the opportunity she has had this weekend to go away with some friends on a quilting weekend, a chance to get away from the challenges here, and to be renewed in spirit.

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Judy Dudich said...

Nice to join you in PRAISE today!
Jennifer's meme is one of the highlights of my week:) Your edition is beautiful and I hope that your lovely wife gets to read your loving post! God bless!