Friday, September 11, 2009

What Happens When You Add HRT's To the Vagaries of Life

The Nuts Come Out of the Woodwork or the Kennel

Okay, Scary Fundamentalist, out there in wild and wacky BC. Top this baby if you can.

Blazing Cat Fur picks up on some of the strangest things. I don't know how he does it. Well, I do know how he does it, but it must wear him down. Most days, I just want to set my Bull Sh?t filter to snooze. Anyway, he picked up on this gem from the Nation's Capital region, where else.

The good news is the Complaint the moron filed is with Barb Hall's goon squad, not J Ly's.

Seems this guy, Alex Allarie has anxiety and depression, also anxiety attacks and claustrophobia. So he got a doctor in Smith's Falls to prescribe(?) sorta, more a recommendation really, a service dog for him to help him. Who knew! So, he got himself a tea cup chihuahua, which he takes everywhere. He says that he feels better already. However, he makes life miserable for everybody else that he meets with his dumb mutt in tow.

Animals are not allowed in food stores, though service animals are, and Mr. Allarie brought his Dee-O-Gee, that's its name too, into the Granary and the owners, Keith and Leslie Rouble, told him it was not allowed. How were they to know it was a service dog? In fact, that it is a service dog is still questionable since the prescription is a recommendation, but well the story continues.

Anyway, Mr. Allarie wanted to get into the Guinness book of world records as a serial complainer, not knowing that he was behind the curve to our fave, He Who Will Not Be Named in this blog, so far that he is untouchable. But he made a valiant effort as the scourge of Carleton Place.

All but one of the Complaints were dropped or mediated, but the owners of the Granary who have since sold the store, in no small measure due to the stress of dealing with a jerk like Mr. Allarie, won't let it drop without their day in Kangaroo Kourt.

They have witness statements from others who have seen Allarie acting like a jerk to store owners along the way, and they have had enough. Unfortunately for them, the truth is not a defense, which they might find out at Barb's tribunal, though this has caused them so much anxiety that they might be considered disabled themselves. Then, it's their word against his, and 2 against one might work.

We'll see how this works out.

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