Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Human Rights Watch Was Looking Out

Seemed to Forget to Look In First

Yesterday, I picked up on an item about Human Rights Watch, and a senior military analyst of theirs Marc Garlasco who had a penchant for nazi memorabilia. I was thinking they were tarring him for a hobby he had.

Seems there is more to the story here. The Ottawa Citizen notes that Mr. Garlasco painted Israel in a poor light, as they say:
In his capacity as an influential "human rights" activist, Garlasco has made a career of painting Israel as a criminal state. Scholars and other researchers have exposed Garlasco's reports as inaccurate and malicious, but no matter -- among anti-Israel activists, Garlasco is a hero.
Hmmm!! Maybe this is really a case of another one bites the dust, and all is more well with the world.

Then the question is, who is watching the watchers?

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