Monday, September 21, 2009

View from A Florida Jail Cell

Conrad Black Emotes Wisdom as He Often Does - Anybody Listening?

Sir Conrad Black is one of the most intelligent men in North America presently. He periodically writes from his cell in Florida for the National Post, as he did this weekend. He wrote a piece entitled Canada must immunize itself, and there was one particular paragraph that caught my eye in a piece that was good top to bottom here:
It is heartening that the new Ontario Conservative leader, and likely the next premier, Tim Hudak, wishes to abolish the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal. As has been amply demonstrated by Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant in their travails with them, these human rights commissions have excessive power. In the name of trying to redress the unpleasantnesses of some licit behaviour and of nature's uneven distribution of human talents, they try to squeeze freedom of expression and action, to accommodate the sensibilities of special purpose victim groups. Charlatans have swarmed snorting out of the undergrowth claiming unspeakable prodigies of persecution and "disrespect."
Conrad Black has always had a wonderful way with words. I admire his use of our language to graphically speak volumes.

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Anonymous said...

It is Conrad, LORD Black, not Sir Conrad Black.
And yes, he has a wonderful way with words.