Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Serial CHRC Complainant Stopped in Tracks

Not Who You Suspected

Micheline Montreuil, not the name you expected is a French speaking lawyer from Montreal. She is also formerly a he, therefor transgendered, and like he who will not be named today at least in this blog, a serial lawyer Complainant to the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

Well, it's been a bad week for serial lawyer complainers. Last week, he who will not be named today at least got a big wet raspberry from the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal says Scaramouche over here. But the ever alert Scaramouche also reported about Ms. Montreuil's latest troubles when her most current serial complaint also got the big wet raspberry.

Seems she thinks that they are all out to get her since the Armed Forces first rejected her in 1999. She filed her Complaint in late 2002, claiming $547,000 in lost salary and moral prejudice pain. The case was heard in December 2006, and December 2007, and the ruling just came out. No rush there, or maybe it got lost in the mail.

However, she had already won against the Armed Forces in 2007, when she beat them for $40,000 for failing to hire her as a grievance officer. She's got experience, folks. You gotta admit that.

She also beat the National Bank in 2004 when they failed to hire her as a customer services representative. I guess she couldn't hire herself out as a lawyer.

In 2007 she was originally nominated to run for the NDP, but they dumped her. I wonder if she has a Complaint in against them. I wonder what she might have felt she lost in that one.

Sad woman. Sad cases. She needs help, not money and not sympathy, and not continuous attention, like she gets with the CHRC.

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