Monday, September 21, 2009

Maximum Disruption Hits Our Household

Blogging May Be Light

Our beautiful 3 year old granddaughter and 1 year old grandson made their entrance yesterday afternoon, fortunately accompanied by their mother, gracing us with their presence for a few days from their home out west.

They are clearly infringing on our senior's right to sleep, but with smiles and cuddles have thus far dissuaded us from filing human rights complaints in both Ontario, and Alberta where they live, and possibly even Federally with J Ly's troop.

Their middle of the night whimpering caused by their disturbed sleep pattern from crossing two time zones and shuffling from grandparents to grandparents, is creating some sleep deprivation, particularly for Gramma and me, and also is infringing on my right to blog, which is, of course a real charter right. I plan to speak to them both about this infringement, giving them a warning before contemplating more serious action, in defence of my rights.

I am not sure how receptive they will be to my entreaties. The almost 4 year old princess of the house seems to be determined to be in charge, reminding me of Human Rights Commissars we all know and love, or don't. For her part, she has been insistent upon her right to watch Frosty the Snow Man over and over again, even though it is September.

And the wee lad. He still just smiles and has food fights with himself and the floor. If we thought the potatoes were mashed when they were put on his plate, you should have seen them after. He pureed them into his hair, his shirt, all over his face, and every other nearby solid surface. Garlic, rosemary mashed potatoes as hair gel could be a new discovery.

The reality is that Human Rights might give way to just loving humans right nearby, big and small for a few days, and savouring these moments that will pass all too soon.

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